Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stripes, Dots, and Pink

Top & Skirt// H&M
Glasses// Coastal
Shoes// Abound
Brooch// Handmade

 I looove this outfit. I've probably mentioned me really being into simple pieces in muted or dark colors lately. The fall season always makes me want stuff like this. Basic, but cute. And I always love picking one color as a pop, in this case it's pink/red with my brooch, glasses, and the hot pink bottoms of my shoes that I can't get enough of. And everything I'm wearing is so comfortable. Not everything I own is exactly comfy friendly (when I can wait to just leave my desk, get in pjs and sigh) But I could stay in this outfit for days. I feel like maybe if I was a cartoon character I would pick this to be the same thing that I wear every day. High praise! 

I can't believe how this week is flying by. This weekend we're doing some more condo hunting, this time we juuust might find out future actual house, as opposed to the other times we went looking, where we just went to see and browse what we liked/ didn't like in places. It really is hitting me that I'm going to be moving within the next 3 months. Last night I was up tossing and turning thinking about things like "it's going to take me so long to hook up my TV and record player". Ack. Moving!
This is my "Yesss project Runway is on tonight/ I've had a lot of coffee" face. Without a doubt my favorite show (aside from Rupaul's Drag Race). Who are you rooting for this season? I'm all about Helen. 



Laura said...

I like both the guys with reddish hair (major brain fart on their names), but for the first time I don't have any one person I'm routing for 100% I need to catch up on the last few episodes tonight

Em said...

Eep, I love everything about this outfit!

Em said...

Oh I just realised my link didn't come up! if you're interested :3

Midge Blitz said...

Thank you! Your blog looks adorable :)