Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Studio Tour: Part 1

My studio/office space isn't perfect or my ideal space. It's the spare room in my parents' house and I've had to make do with the little space I got, and deal with all the other stuff in the room and I can't just get rid of (like a twin sized bed and a hope chest that take up so much space). I like what I've done with the space so far, and being as I will be moving in the near future, I thought I would immortalize this little nook I work in with some photos.

This post will be centered around my desk area..something  I wish was much bigger, but I make do! I can't wait to have a desk space that spans across a whole wall. SOON.
 In the midst of packing orders I keep most of my stock containers at an arms reach. The sparkly pink box is where I keep my stickers.

Hi my name is Midge, and I over use and abuse pencil erasers.
I love writing my little thank you notes on the business cards I pack with my orders. I feel like people really appreciate a cute hand written note along with their new stuff!

DIY or DIE is kind of my mantra. I keep all my markers in this cup, usually on my bookcase, but it made a pretty picture like this.



jules said...

so cute! i love this space. so inspiring!
thanks for sharing! x

Midge Blitz said...

thank you!