Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Studio Tour: Part Two

Here's some more photos of my studio...this batch is focusing on my bookcase and my walls. I like to use a lot of my supplies as decoration, putting them more out in the open than away in a box. I like the way they look, especially my mod podge containers.

 I love how colorful my bookcase is. The typewriter is obviously my favorite item on it. It was a Christmas present from my dad last year! I was so confused when I got it all wrapped up because it was so heavy! But then I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a 1920's revamped Remington. There's no exclamation point key! haha

 That little space in the back is my alcove, where I keep lots of stock things like blank tote bags and jewelry boxes, and old art pieces away in folders. There's also a comforter and some pillows on the floor so it can act as my little reading cave when I want a break.

 I always forget to change my calendars.I always end up changing it like two weeks into the month. Whoopsie! I got this Kate Beaton one in a good bag at last year's Bust Holiday Craftacular, one of my favorite events ever. One day I will table! Maybe next year. I digress.
I'd like to end this post on a uplifting note like this "dream big" signature from a Lois Maffeo CD booklet. I ordered the CD (which I highly recommend, perfect 90's singer/songwriter rock) and it was by chance, signed! I felt so lucky, and I took the "dream big" message to heart, and I plan to keep in my sight at all times where ever my various workspaces may be.

Dream big!


Kailey said...

Your studio is an absolute dream!

Midge Blitz said...

Aw, thanks, I try!

Danielle Morgan said...

I love your studio space! I especially adore the alcove, for the enchanting quality of a secret space is easy to get drunk on.

Jenna LeDawn said...

this is awesome! i love seeing someone's workspace that is so totally "them"

what a wonderful hideaway!

Kristian Olson said...

How fun to see your studio. Thanks for sharing it :)