Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Witches Brew

I thought I would give the blog a break from the costume posts today and show you one of my favorite (spoooooooooky) places! A few weeks ago, me and Rhiannon went to one of my few favorite spots on Long Island, The Witches Brew. Though, I haven't visited this little spot in quite some time, maybe two years? They have lots of yummy things and the atmosphere and decor are kind of perfect.

 It used to be a huge "punk" hangout back in my high school days. I would come here at night in my best pair of barf yellow fishnets and raggedy mini skirt and hang out with people who only looked as awesome as I did, haha. The place would be packed late nights like a bar would, but it's a coffee house. Now I come there during the day for crumb cake and lattes.
 But now more people know about it and serves good food and drinks so it's all kinds of people there now, and they do pretty good business. It's one of my little spots that I'm happy survived the recession. The decor is my favorite. All the couches are old and velvety and they all are different. Pretty sure they're all antiques, along with all their other furnishings. Their chairs and tables are also a mishmash of various 1950's kitchens.
It was slightly crowded that day so I felt a bit bashful taking pictures of the place. So I took pictures of my tights...haha.
The place is always decorated like this, except that the colors are orange, during Halloween time. They used to have glittery paper skills and stuff hanging from the ceiling. I miss those!

This leopard wall has always been the same for the past ten years. The lightbulbs are actually a very bright red. I love this wall!

I should come to places like this on LI more often before I move.



nonnaihr said...

I miss that peanut butter pie.

Midge Blitz said...

Yeah I really want some crumb cake now real bad

Neon Michelle said...

Wow, everything looks SO delicious! Now I need a latte. Love the leopard wall, too.

Nancy Wilde said...

that place looks insanely awesome - and so does the cake! *drool* Also loving the kitsch wall decor x

Jes Rybak said...

I love The Witches Brew! Favorite hometown spot of mine as well, small world :)

Ali Mackin said...

Ah so cool, who knew such a cool eclectic place could be on Long Island.

Ali of Dressing Ken

Danielle Morgan said...

I love those kinds of places!
P.S. - Your shoes are rocking!