Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Parisan Daria

Top// Gap
Blazer// Kensie
Necklace// Handmade
Boots// Bass
Skirt// Thrifted
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Tights// Kohls

I feel like if Daria was stereotypical Parisian or something, this is what she would wear. I love black, white and red but I don't wear it enough! The blazer makes me feel all professional, though my job doesn't really call for "professional" office like wear. But hey. it's still nice!

I like this little anchor on my arm, but I'm debating either covering it up, or embellishing it or something. I'm still thinking about the work I want done on my arms. They're such prime tattoo real estate, so I'm giving it a lot of thought. The anchor is a Bouncing Souls logo, who I don't really listen to anymore, which is more of a reason to cover it up with something more relevant to me. I got it on a whim when I was 18 so..yeah ..don't get band logos tattooed unless you are head over heels with their music, haha!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seeing Stars

Dress// Kensie
Green Top// JC Penny
Tights// Log Avenue
Glasses// Coastal 

Ice skater like cresses are kind of my new favorite thing. And the mesh sleeves are so festive and Holiday-ish. So I spruced it up with a green top underneath. It looks all Christmassy, and it's a whole lot warmer. Which honestly, was my initial intention when putting this look together, haha!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Black & White & Dots All Over

Dress// Modcloth (similar)
Shirt// JC Penny
Boots// Kensie
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Sweater// Zara

It's rare that I wear something that has no color in it at all..I usually need some sort of accent color. But I like the combination of the opposite polka dots. Polka dots are a fool proof crowd pleaser IMO. I guess my accent in this outfit are the cute elbow pad things. Which I love! I don't know why I don't own more things with elbow pads. I put it in my xmas list, haha!

Excuse me in advance the shortness of all my posts this week, I'm writing this technically from the past so I can't exactly tell you about my day because I'm no clairvoyant, though sometimes I wish I was :D


Friday, November 22, 2013

A lil sale alert!

If you are a fan of my shop, you'll love this..I've temporarily marked down 4 of my favorite item s 20%! All of them are up top in the featured section. You can also use the coupon code MERCI at checkout for an extra 10% off :) Just please keep in mind that all orders with ship either on or right after the 30th of November, being as I'm out of the office till the 29th.
Have fun and Happy Friday! <3


Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Blue Coat

Dress// Thrifted
Shirt// Modcloth
Tights// Target
Shoes// Steve Madden
Coat// Modcloth

This outfit is so soo warm! And I rarely wear this top by itself, its almost always under a dress because the collar is so cute.
And I got a new coat! I've been meaning to spruce up my coat wardrobe, and this blue number is just the thing I wanted.
And velvet. Can you tell I am obsessed with velvet? It's just so warm and soft and nice feeling. I feel like this a a perky Wednesday Addams outfit or something. Its the same dress I wore for the Costume from my Closet post! So versitle.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Later! (but not for long)

Hey all! I'm stopping by to tell ya that I'm going to be out of the office/away from interwebs for a bit! I'm going on a "let's skip Thanksgiving" vacation! I'll let ya know where I'm going when I return. Though I may spill the beans in Instagram or something like that.  I have new posts all queued up on here so this blog will still be updated.

In the meantime, I'll be having a few promotions in my etsy shop while I'm gone. Check out for all the deets in the shop announcement on the top of the page as well as some discounted items AND a coupon code!



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stripes and Velvet

Dress// Thrifted
Shirt// H&M
Socks// Gift
Boots// Timberland 
Glasses// Ray Ban

I looove this outfit. So warm! Even though yesterday it was 68 degrees here (wut?)

I am SO insanely busybusybusy right now. Making a lot of plans for the next coming week. This weekend was very eventful...squeezed in attending a baby shower, then saw a Derby bout all the way up in Albany. I stayed in CT the whole weekend and ate lots of yummy foods, did some shopping, made guacamole, discovered k-cup coffee is gods gift to the earth, and played with cats.

I thought I would let y'all know what I'm going to be "out of the office" so to speak soon. But I have plenty of posts queued up on here so the blog will be anything but dead. But i can't wait to tell you what I was up to when I return! I don't know why but I feel like keeping it to myself, Which sounds odd. But I like to surprise people so, yeah.
Also, knee socks. They rule. Especially these. I have similar ones with gnomes on them! Ahh!


Monday, November 18, 2013

My Stuff 2

I thought I would make this "My Stuff" thing a every now and again segment here on MGB! Cool? Cool. Here's more of my stuff!

Most of the things I'm showing you today are my belated berfday gifts from Rhiannon. Two of them being these adorable ikea trays! This one obviously holds my perfume bottles and the flamingo one I thought was too cool to cover up. Oh, and my little kitty stuffed animal that I got at the Bust craftacular last year.

I love stuff.  All the cool crap I won makes me happy, and I don't think thats materialistic. I just like things. Things that make me smile when I look at them!

 I recently painted this hand for myself! It holds all of my favorite rings.

 Some good eye candy books, my Twin Peaks box set, and a little box filled with some printed photos. And a mouse. Mice are cute.



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eye See You

Top// Reiss
Skirt// H&M
Socks// I got them at the craft store..weird, huh?
Shoes// Blowfish
Glasses// Kiss

Let me tell you how much I love this skirt. I got it about a month ago and I think i've worn it about 10 times since. H&M always has the coolest stuff. And who knew JoAnn's sold over the knee socks?! I was looking for them EVERYWHERE and then randomly found them in a hals empty aisle while browsing jewelry findings. Strange. Like my skirt. Which I'm obsessed with.

Today is busybusybusy because I have lots of awesome things planned in the near future. Well, starting Wednesday next week I'm going away (not sure if I'm gonna disclose or keep it a surprise until I return...) and I'll be spending this weekend in Connecticut with Rhiannon. Saturday is our college friend's baby shower in upstate NY but we've decided to go a whole girls weekend as well! Tomorrow I get to meet all her co workers at a staff card game. I can pretend I belong to an office for one night and one night only! My co-workers are just some cacti sitting on my bookcase. They don't banter much.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On the Fence

Top// H&M (old)
Skirt// H&M (not old)
Hat// Target
Glasses// eBay
Sweater// Modcloth
Boots// Kensie

I'm not too sure about wearing these red frames on a regular basis. I got them for my Log Lady costume (which they were perfect for). Maybe paired with the hat it might be a but too, uh, hipster-y. The safety pin top I've had for years and I just love the pattern. I love any pattern that unique and unexpected.  I just like to experiment with things I'm unsure about, to see how ti works out. Maybe I'll find my new favorite look!
Speaking of which I think Mike and I found our place in Hoboken. But to me nothing is definite until we turn the keys in the door. We shall see! It's very exciting to finally move unto a a place we love, and as long as nothing go awry, it should be ours soon. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

In other news, I think the holiday shopping season is among us over in etsy-land, so excuse me while I get some work done :)


New Midges Closet Items Added!

Well, I'm moving within the next couple of months, which means I need to clear out some of my stuff! 
So I made a big update to my shop my closet store, Midge's Closet :)

Lots of tops and two pairs of boots! I have a ton more to add, so stay tuned.

You can find all these at!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Eyes

Dress// F21
Tights// H&M
Socks// Target
Boots// Kensie
Glasses// Coastal
Harmonica Necklace// Handmade
Belt// Came with another dress

I love layering. Layering is my thing. Not only cause it's warm and comfy, but because it gives me more opportunity to combine and mix and match things, which I love to do. It's like an art project for me, putting together outfits. Hence the main reason for this blog, pretty much!

My hair is growing to dang fast! Thats why it's always bittersweet when  get a cut I love because it won't last for long until i have to go in and get it cut again. When I got it cut, it was for Rhiannon's wedding and it was done like an hour away from here which is too far for me to drive. I have to find another place around here. It's hard to find a good place on Long Island. Everyone round these parts assumes you want to look like Jennifer Anniston. Not knocking that style, but it's obviously not mine.

Sorry to cut this short, but I have a manicure date with my mom! Later!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Haunted Beach// Part 2

 Look! Mike is glowing!
 Mike and Tracey found a ton of cute and tiny crabs. I'm not always keen to handing crawly things so I just took the photos! They were really cute. Don't worry, they were gentle and put them back where they were found :)

I feel like the crab is like "put 'em uppp, put 'em uppp"

Just thought I'd put together a (turned out to be very) quick weekend post for ya! I had an eventful weekend, lots of news to share in the up coming weeks, hopefully! 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fancying// Sale Gifties Edition!

Oh hey! I'm doing my fancying post early this week because ModCloth is having a 24 hour gift sale that ends tomorrow! They have an awesome gift guide which you can check out here: ModCloth Gift Guide. I have my top 5 below, but head to ModCloth right now and pick out some perfect gifties for your buds!  

DIY Constellation Calendar Set (!!!) // DIY Camera Kit (also !!!) // House Dress // Saddle Heels // Kitty Bag  

Happy Holiday Shopping!


Studio Tour Part 3 - "Stock Room"

Ok, so I don't have the room for a stock room, or closet. So my stock room is a "stock room". It's all over the place, but still organized! I have various boxes and organizers for all my products, scattered in different spots of the room.
 When I forst started making buttons, I kept all of them willy nilly in a mason jar. I don't know what made me think that was a good idea... these are much better.
 The glittery pink box is where I keep all my stickers! I got it from Walgreens, of all places.
 And I keep all my colorful patches in this little mint box, along side some extra business cards.

 I've just discovered the connivence and awesomeness of labeling things. Sometimes I can be a stubborn learner, ok? Also, button/mirror making parts have funny names.
 This drawer thing is my newest addition to my studio, and it has been a life saver! One drawer for a bit more storage makes a world of a difference. I got it from Target, and it's actually a nightstand. The whole thing was that light beige color, but I painted most of it with my handy dandy chalk board paint, and did the pink trim with washi tape! The chalkboard paint lets me decorate it how ever I want, and makes a great customizable back drop for some photos, where I can write my own captions in chalk! I got that idea from The A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, which I HIGHLY recommend, btw.
I don't keep my buttons in mason jars any more, but they make great organizers for the parts to make buttons! That trusty button maker is one of my favorite items that I own.