Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pastel Dream

Top// H&M
Skirt// Modcloth
Tights// HUE
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Boots// Kensie

Hi! I;m swingin by real quick with an outfit post for ya. I have been beyond busy this week, and I have no idea how or why panic hasn't set in yet but I'm definitely grateful that I'm managing to stay calm. The orders are really big and plentiful this holiday shopping season and I couldn't be more flattered and happy that so many folks decided to buy from me, things I made with my hands. It's a pretty cool concept that I try my best to not forget, especially during times where my head is barely above all of the paper scraps and bubble mailers, haha!
I thinking next year I may hire a seasonal assistant to help me with all this, to prevent any all-nighters. I keep on saying I'm gonna pull an all nighter but then i never go through with it, though tonight, it just may happen. I just really want to get all of them out in a non-rushed but still timely fashion. Ack!
I guess I should talk about this cute outfit huh? It's a little muted and pastel-y for this time of year but I love the color combinations here. For the last million winters I always defaulted to plain black tights but now I'm trying to introduce more color during the winter cheers me up!

Ok, now back to my orders...see ya!



Sonya Mann said...

Love the color combination between skirt and tights! Sorry to hear you're so stressed. I'm sure you'll get through it!

Neon Michelle said...

That skirt is amazing! I love the color and the white trim, and the tights you wore with it really make it pop. Good luck getting through your orders! xo

Danielle Morgan said...

Your outfit is too cute! I love the color combinations!
P.S. - You can do it! Put on your favorite tunes and continue churning out the awesomeness. =)