Monday, September 30, 2013

Skirt is Greener

Top// Loft
Skirt// Modcloth
Rings// Modcloth
Shoes// Jellypop
Glasses// Ray Ban

(I kinda like how my hand came out out of focus in this one, don't know why)

Oh hai! This is my new favorite skirt. I featured it on this fancying post and a few days ago saw it on sale, and snagged it without even thinking about it. And I loooove it. It's so me. So are the typography rings. Or typography anything, for that matter. I've been wearing these rings every day since I got them. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, that's what my degree is in at least, so anything type related is my thang. 

This weekend was pretty cool. Friday I visited my old job to paint some pottery. I painted a hand ring holder with the palm reading chart on it, and I started on an owl shaped candle lantern. I painting it in a Twin Peaks/Black Lodge theme! I'll have to come back next week to pick up my hand and finish my owl. Saturday I went garage sale hopping. I'm not sure if it's just my town, but there are so many garage sales here every weekend when the weather is nice. I went to 6 just in my town in about an hour. I feel like my town is full of hoarders or something and everyone has an abundance of crap to part with. I got this adorable tiny harmonica that says Woodstock on it for two dollars from a lady selling all kinds if vintage jewelry and buttons. Garage sales are my favorite thing to do in the nice weather. I find lots of cool stuff. I made a necklace out of the harmonica and it's kind of awesome. It's the little things that brighten up my day. Like a tiny harmonica around my neck. 

Looking forward to another productive week... I think I'm going to design some more halloween related things to make buttons and temporary tattoos out of for the shop! 


Friday, September 27, 2013


 photo favesfall_zps41fca78b.jpg

twin peaks earrings // skirt // backpack // nail polish // top 

I might be beating a dead horse (that's an awful saying) because every other blog is saying the same thing but FALL RULES OKAY. I love plaid and dark green and quarter length sleeve tops. I just love the change of seasons and stuff. It excites me. Today i took a walk to a library with the intent of taking out a scary book. I chose The Shining because I've never read it, or even saw the movie and it made me feel left out. Also renting library books gives me a timeline to actually finish the dang thing, something I'm kind of bad at. 

Anywho, I have a huge case of the Fridays so i'm going to take off and paint some pottery!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gingham Girl

Dress// Macy's (old)
Sweater// Target (also old)
Glasses// Kiss
Tights// HUE
Boots// Zigi
Earrings// My Shop

So, today I tried to challenge myself by taking a piece (this dress) that I just throw on to wear around the house and style it up to make it look more presentable. I'm obsessed with plaid and gingham so I thought I would do a no-no and pair it with another gingham piece that I love. I wear this sweater all the time, but I think this is it's first appearance on the blog. I'm also convinced that tights in an awesomely bright color will fix up any outfit. I'm hooked on buying tights in bright colors as of late. I'm happy about the weather here very much so. The last time I did outfit photos I almost passed out from the heat/humidity and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Today was muuuuuch better!

I've been spending a lot of time thinking of new things for my etsy shop, particularly some spooky themed things for Halloween. I LOVE these eyeball earrings so much. Basically, when I'm designing new things for my shop I think "what would I want in a pair of earrings or brooch, ect." which results in me WANTING everything I make. I always have to make a spare just for me, haha. I am my own walking advertisement, basically. Is that cheesy? I hope not. Also, eyeball things are cooooool.

I feel like I'm been working a lot lately and that I should maybe take some time out of today to relax a bit. I'm writing this sitting on my bed, and when I'm done I might stay put and watch a tv show or something. I just feel so beat! I kind tend to of overwhelm myself a bit too much sometimes, but I try not to feel guilty by giving my self a break every now and then. I think I need it!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Yellow Dress

 photo IMG_1761_zpsd3bc1308.jpg  photo IMG_1776_zps017f1673.jpg  photo IMG_1781_zps34be399d.jpg

Dress// Anthropologie (old)
Top// From the Tiger Army merch table like 5 years ago 
Shoes// Penny's
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Bat Necklace// Craft fair

 photo IMG_1779_zpsd849eab2.jpg

What's better than tea and candy corn? Very few things. What's better than tea and candy corn when you're sick? Nothing. I'm calling what I have right now the Bridesmaid Plague because after the wedding all of us seem to have come down with something. Sucks too, cause I just got over a cold two weeks ago. Whateverrr!

I'm happy to be using my fall mug again. I love this guy. I painted it at my old pottery job, as I did with most of my favorite mugs. I'm hoping to visit back there soon, I'm due for a catching up chat with my old boss and I  want to make myself some new pieces. My mom actually works there now as a part time thing to keep from getting bored (oh, retirement life) which is kind of funny because now she comes home talking about all the things I would come home from work and talk (er..complain) about.

I guess I should talk about my outfit? I love this little yellow dress. I actually wear it a lot because its really comfortable and easy to pair with my favorite t-shirt. And these cute shoes are kind of my new go-to flat. So much better than plain black ones, even if I'm just making a trip to the mailbox to mail my orders. I'm in the market for a cute over-all/ pinafore dress thing soon for fall and winter. If ya know of any places that sell that kind thing for a good price, let me know! Midgey want. I also need long sleeve tops because I have none. I don't know how I have been going through life thus far with no long sleeve t shirts. H&M is calling me...soon.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Montauk Photos: Part 2

I love black and white film. And I think black and white photos of beach type scenes are really awesome and pretty. I was new to using this old camera that was my moms go-to before the dawn of digital point and shoots, and I didn't realize that I shot all of the photos in the panorama mode. Happy accident!
 photo lighthouse_zps3ed78a5a.jpg  photo sailboat_zps297d4f1e.jpg  photo mebeach_zpsd93b05c8.jpg  photo rocks_zpsf01d502e.jpg  photo water_zps3d34582f.jpg  photo closerocks_zpsc244a9d4.jpg

Montauk in the summer is the only time you'll catch me photographing things like surfboards. This is right outside a kinda lame bar in town that had lots of douchy security guards flashing flash lights in peoples eyes and stuff. Not cool, man. But I got a cool photo.
 photo surf_zps3a5c438d.jpg

This place is my favorite place to stay in Montauk, it's defiantly the nicest, at least in terms of the motel-y type of places. It has two pools, one main one and another smaller one, which we snuck into at 1AM. We were quiet and respectful though, so we're considerate hooligans!
 photo hotel_zps77e6bab6.jpg

These sparkler photos may be my favorite..probably because sparklers are my favorite. This was taken on the beach at night during one of our insane bonfires. It's not summer without these things.
 photo sparkler1_zpse2b2e555.jpg  photo sparkler2_zps847ea3e5.jpg  photo sparkler3_zpsd022315e.jpg  photo sparkler4_zpsa8a5854b.jpg

Ok, I'm officially able to say hello to fall now, haha!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Red Shoes and a New Do

 photo IMG_1711_zpsd1fc33c4.jpg  photo IMG_1712_zpsfcafcc8d.jpg  photo IMG_1720_zpse58b0dfa.jpg

Dress// ModCloth (no longer available)
Shoes// Liz Claibourne 
Fishnets// Drugstore

 photo IMG_1725_zpsd4996132.jpg  photo IMG_1737_zps7b55191b.jpg

It's official, Rhiannon is married!!! Everything was so perfect and beautiful on her wedding day and I could not be more thrilled for her and her new hubby Ram. I don't know if I come off as "tough" through this blog but I tend to in real life but I'm actually the worst cryer at weddings. I have no idea how, but I managed to hold it together the whole time we were standing up there. I think its because I knew I was in plain sight of everybody. But once it was over and the bridal party was in the suite I lost it and gave the both of them the biggest hugs. I'm a mush.

I don't really have much pictures from the wedding and my bridesmaids dress (which was so cuuuute) but this is what I wore to the Rehearsal Dinner. I've been waiting for an occasion to wear this dress and pair it with my red maryjanes. Oh and I got a new haircut! When we went to the spa for the bachelorette party, I opted out of the facial and got my hair done instead. She did a great job, and I love how this cut brings out all my natural waves (no curling iron needed here!) And we all got out nails done a pretty gold so we all matched.


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Autumn Dress

 photo IMG_1685_zps44cade07.jpg  photo IMG_1692_zpsb9654ed5.jpg

Dress// Thrifted
Shoes// Abound
Necklace// Vintage/handmade
Headband// Amazon
Bag// Modcloth (old)

 photo IMG_1696_zps7a95a925.jpg  photo IMG_1701_zpsd57298c1.jpg

Oh hay! It's Autumn! Almost! I would feel weird if I wore this dress during any other season. Its a fall-exclusive look. I mean c'mon, it's the same color as a gourd. That's a funny word. Gourd. Or squash. I'll stop now.

I'm actually writing this while waiting for the train to get to Rhiannon's bachelorette party at a spa... Ohh la la! I was gonna go make-up less because facial + makeup = maybe weird. But its's me, and I have throuble not putting a little something on my face before I leave the house. So this is about as minimal as it gets, people! 

Oh, and do you like my necklace? I made it from the tiny dentures I got from the antique fair. I love it so much, I'm kind if too excited about it. I love making my own accessories. 

Welp, typing on my phone on a moving train is making me dizzy so I'll catch you later!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Owls Are Not What They Seem

 photo IMG_1615_zpsc63f8007.jpg  photo IMG_1621_zps8312e9b4.jpg  photo IMG_1625_zps9adbed87.jpg

Dress// JC Penny (old)
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Steve Madden
Glasses// Vintage

 photo IMG_1631_zps8efac7c9.jpg  photo IMG_1632_zps944a1b34.jpg  photo IMG_1636_zps07c4e43d.jpg

I can't resist throwing in Twin Peaks references at every chance I get. And I love dreamy sheer fabrics like this. With a cute animal print? Best of both worlds. I got this before JCPenny rebranded themselves into a more style orientated store, which made it even more surprising that I found something so cute in passing. I don't know why but I often forget I even own this thing and I barely wear it. I need a better closet where I can see everything at once. Mine is so tiny. I'm pumped to have a new space soon to set up my own closet situation, cause this one I got right now is getting old.

I'm just kind of tired of suburbia is general. I know that makes me sound like some sorta agnsty teen but seriously. I think the thing that drive me most nuts is the sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers early in the morning. Sounds ridiculous but I swear it really driving me bonkers. Oh and my neighbor is putting a new driveway in which isn't exactly a quiet ordeal. Condo life is getting closer and closer...
Otherwise, I'm really enjoying my week so far. I've been getting so much done, and the sun has been out and shining a lot which always makes me happier. I've added a bunch of new stuff to my shop, and I have been taking lots of pretty new pictures of some of my products. Still in the honeymoon phase with my 60D. I'm already thinking about which kind of other lenses I should get for it. I love new toys!

This is pretty much my "Friday" because Saturday one of my besties is getting married!! So tomorrow is a spa day for the bachelorette party, then Friday is the rehearsal dinner, the Saturday is the big show. I'm so excited and happy for her...the next few days are gonna be a blast. Oh and I'm super happy that my bridesmaids dress is super cute.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brimfield Antique Fair: Part 3

Here's the last round of photos from the Antique far...I was joking with my dad like "I wonder how many mason jars are in this entire fair". Answer? Way too many.  photo IMG_0687_zps059dabf7.jpg

I'd say this fair was at least 50% glass things. I even saw a vendor selling an empty Patron bottle for 15 dollars. Definitely not an antique. Don't get me wrong, I loved most of the booths, but when you see stuff like that you have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

But here are some pretty pink glasses! My parents bought some small bowls in the same kind of style. I'm scared to touch them...they're too pretty. And I break/spill/drop everything.

 photo IMG_0694_zps9ef84eab.jpg  photo IMG_0688_zps27c9765d.jpg  photo IMG_0704_zps86adbb6e.jpg  photo IMG_0654_zps431d8e66.jpg

I was really into all the vintage electronic stuff they had there, like these cameras. I'm always afraid to ask if they still work or not. I feel awkward asking people things like that. I would love to own a cool old land camera, for decoration and to actually use it. One daaaay.

 photo IMG_0665_zps649d6ce7.jpg  photo IMG_0656_zps6dcbd655.jpg  photo IMG_0716_zpsabd3d94c.jpg

I'm really interested in maps and cartography and geography. Globes and maps make me drool, they're are so visually pleasing to me.

 photo IMG_0722_zps768d55f6.jpg

How precious is this tiny wooden deer in a glass? Never thought I would say that combination of words. BUT IT'S SO CUTE!

 photo IMG_0737_zpsc0345900.jpg

This is the best for last: the donut. Best donut of my life! Which may not be too much of a stretch because I have a donut like...once a year. You could smell these donuts for really far away and you could hear everyone talking about how good is smelled. I made my dad by us some. It didn't take much convincing, really. They were all freshly made and beat dunkin out of the water. Duh.

 photo IMG_0736_zpse4d6deb8.jpg

Thought I would end this little series on a sweet note (get it?!)