Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Belated Blogaversary

Dress// Vintage from Paris
Coat// Lux
Glasses// Kiss
Tights// HUE

It's my belated Blogaversary! Ok, I completely forgot about it. It was the 2nd and it somehow passed my mind. (I've been blogging for 2 years now!) Still recovering my my etsy busy season, so I'm still a bit scatterbrained. But I remembered after I took these photos, so there's that. As you may be able to gather, I am still sans tripod. The part I ordered (the release plate) is taking forever.  It's kind of a blessing in disguise, because it's forcing me to be more creative with how I take my self portraits for my outfit posts. I can't just not do outfit posts, it's kind of what keeps my sane, style blogging. I just love everything about it, and the encouraging community that comes along with it. I won't let a missing tripod part stop me!!

I starting takings lots of self portraits sitting on my floor with the camera propped on my nightstand, which made me feel like some sort of Miranda July type or something haha.

I really really love this outfit. The bright colors, the fluffy coat and my signature glasses make it so un-abashedly Midge and it makes me happy. Too bad it's 6 degrees out aka way to cold to leave the house to actually wear it out. But it will be stored in my outfit archive next time it's weather appropriate. I've had this coat since my late teens and I rarely break it out. Not too sure why. It's pretty dang comfortable.
I've been feeling really artistically inspired lately, most likely de to doing lots of non-creative things lately, like order packing and stuff, and I have the creative itch to MAKE STUFF. I also recently watched The Punk Singer, the documentary about Kathleen Hanna, which left me feeling really really inspired to make more art and say more stuff. I stayed up till like 3am sketching like a maniac. Expect some more zines in the hopefully near future!



Danielle Morgan said...

I really love your sense of style! That coat looks super cozy and I like how you mixed the bright colors with it. :)

marinaaaaa said...