Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Confetti Hearts

Dress// Modcloth
Tights// Kensie via Century 21
Necklace// Sugar Cookie 

Can we talk about how amazing these tights are? I saw them in Lord and Taylor and thought to myself that I could totally find them online for cheaper. And I did, so I bought two pairs. I want a lifetime supply of these babies.

My day has kind of been a weird range of emotions. I don't want to complain about my privileged white girl problems too much here, but the house hunt is really really tough. I haven't really disclosed much about how hard it is on here, but twice, we found a perfect place, put an offer down and got it approved, and then swiftly got outbid and losing both places. It's just really discouraging and heart breaking, especially when you get your hopes up on something as huge as a new home.

Today the stress of the hunt kind of got to me (especially being as I still live at home, and I'm starting to really lose it, the straw breaking the camels back today being my dad nagging me about the kind of coffee mug I use wtf), but within 5 minutes of sobbing I got two new emails in my inbox that kind of cheered me up. Both on things related to the growth of my etsy shop. So after that the tears kind got sucked back into my eyeballs and I perked up a bit. One of them was from a magazine I'm a pretty big fan of that wants to collaborate. I'll spill the deets on that when it's official though. But it's funny because when I was in school to become a graphic designer, working for this mag would have been a dream job for me back then, but since I've pursued my own shop as a result of being chewed up by the NYC design workforce, and now that magazine approached me, to work with me. It's kinda funny how things work out, eh?

I guess the moral of the story is to try and recognize the good in your life and take the bad with a grain of salt and do your best to change it (not giving up on this house hunt).

Good things do happen :)



Jenna LeDawn said...

i have those tights, too— i get so many compliments every time i wear them! it's so fun to see them on someone else! sorry to hear about your house hunting problems— definitely an exhausting rollercoaster to be on. i recently heard something like "just because someone 'has it worse' than you doesn't make your pain less real" and thought i'd share it with you <3

Nancy Wilde said...

aww those tights are the prettiest thing, just adorable! house hunting can be a fucking stressful experience... don't settle for less though, eventually you'll find the perfect home^^

Michelle | said...

Ugh, house-hunting is stressful for sure, but I know yours is way worse than ours was. Your area is much more competitive than the midwest. Good luck, babe. It sucks, but there will be a happy ending eventually! <3

And congrats on the potential collab! Those are thing exciting kinds of things I dream about, too. Your work is amazing and I know it'll keep catching people's attention!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I hear you on the wanting to move out thing and being nagged. When people are controlling about things in your life, it gets to be a bit much to handle and you feel like you just need to get out. I'm glad something happened to help you perk up. And those tights are definitely something to be happy about! They will be perfect for Valentine's Day.

Kitsch Vixen said...

Ahhh! Congrats on the collab!