Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glitzy NYE

For NYE my friends threw a tarot card themed party in their apartment where every attendee had to pick a card and show up as that card. I picked the star, as you will probably be able to gather from these photos. My job was to be the fun-loving type and to decorate people with stickers and such. I even made little star brooches and hair clips to give out/ pin to other party goers. I had a such a blast. Got a little sloppy towards the end of the night but whats NYE in New York without sloppy 2AM behavior covered in glitter?

Coming up with my look for the party was fun to do, I found this tutorial on youtube by Rebekah, which was really helpful to make my little star crown, which came out perf. Also, one of the main part to my tripod has mysteriously went missing (don't worry, I ordered a replacement), so I don't have any full outfit shots here. This post is mainly gratuitous make-up photos, haha.

 I found this tulle at Joann's. It has a label on it that said "Spool of Tulle" and I couldn't say no. The glitter came off really easy though, and the stuff is EVERYWHERE.
 I used some regular cheap black lipstick and then blotted some really fine gold glitter on top. Looked real cool but did it last? Nope.

 Brooches, pins and confetti that I brought to the party.

Hope you rung in the new year in style as well and that your 2014 is full of more awesomeness, resolutions or not ;)



Laura said...

Ahhh Midge that black lipstick looks amazing on you! Such a cool theme for a partyx

Nancy Wilde said...

Woah your make-up looks fantastic! I love it.

Danielle Morgan said...

I love the Star outfit that you put together! The little touches with the makeup and the headband are great. :)