Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snail Mail Love

To me, there is nothing more delightful than receiving snail mail. Letters, zines, drawings, what-have-you, its just an awesome feeling to receive something tangible that you can hold, hang on your wall, whatever. So I've decided to get a PO Box so I can spread my mailing address around willy nilly and maybe make a few new pen pals. I really believe that sending stuff through snail mail is an art form. Finding/designing new ways to write out addresses, making your own envelopes, or sending stuff thats just plain cool lookin' and fun to open, the whole nine. I also love the connection aspect of it. That you made this thing with your hands that you want someone to have to you leave it in the hands of the postal worker to carry it to it's destination and then they get it and hopefully it puts a smile on their face.

I wanna participate in this mail culture more this year. I want to receive and send all of the cool/pretty/inspirational/words of encouragement/good conversational things! I didn't even know that you could get PO Boxes for under a year, until I looked it up. Being as I'm (hopefully) moving to Jersey in the somewhat near future, I was apprehensive getting a box in my hometown. But hey! I can pick how long I want it, pretty much.

Anyway, I'm rambling. If you fancy a new pen pal, wanna trade zines (I'm ALWAYS up for that), wanna chat in the slowest (but most fun) manner possible, or just send me stuff, here is the address where you can do it! I promise to reply to every piece of mail I get. (I've been bad with that in the past but hey, it's a new year!) Unless of course it some sort of creepy creep letter or hate mail. I probably won't reply to those, internet.

Midge Blitz
PO Box 1580
Mineola, NY



lady hvrricane said...

i'm definitely going to send you something ♥

Danielle Morgan said...

Sending you something will be going on my to-do list! :)

Kelsey said...

Totally going to send you stuffs, I love sending & receiving mail! I used to have lots of pen pals back in Livejournal days, but have since lost contact with most of them! :(

Playa Paper said...

I ❤ it. Be on the lookout for a Valentine from Playa Paper. xx ~ Vikki

Sonya Mann said...


Katzi said...

Thanks for doing this! I've started to make / send more snail mail recently and it would be great to make new friends!

Isabelle Rizo said...

Yay PO Boxes! Can't wait to read your snail mail <3

T.R. Miller said...

Dear Modern Girl Blitz,
It was nice trading several of my "Luhey" cartoons for your zine
several months ago. Good luck with your artistic endeavors. Have a
nice day!
T.R. Miller (Cartoonist)