Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow Day (sorta)

I work from home so there really isn'y such a thing for a full on snow day for me. I'm sitting in my office right now listening to The Julie Ruin just making to-do lists and stuff.

The snow and sunlight are so bright that this is one of the only times I'm able to use this room without the lights on and I'm really liking it, thought I would take some photos and stuff, of my new-ish office layout. I'm normally not one for resolutions, I'm not really against them, but I lean more towards just changing things up in my living space for the New Year, being as I spend so much time here anyway. Last year i re-arranged a lot of stuff but this time I just took down the 2013 calendar and replaced it with my pink shelf, and where the pink shelf was I put a white cube storage thing. I know, this is so exciting, right?! haha

 I got up all nice and early to get my orders mailed out but I literally could not walk in the amount of snow outside..gotta wait until later today when its all plowed! Then I went back to bed. Cool story bro. Also I need to buy actual mail crates and stop using random boxes.
The only plant of mine that made it into 2014..I'm a terrible plant mommy.



Sonya Mann said...

Being a plant mommy is actually stupid hard.

Danielle Morgan said...

I had five wonderful plants during the summer, with some tomatoes that actually almost bloomed but then it snowed. Now I only have one plant. Two of them died, and the other two were in shock from the cold. The only plant that is left is the lavenders...

Isabelle Rizo said...

I love how your whole room is so full of knick knacks but flow well together. My room is full of knick knacks but seems to just be cluttered all the time.