Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spike Princess

Top// Riess
Skirt// H&M
Tights// Betsey Johnson
Shoes// Modcloth (out of stock womp womp)
Headband// Amazon
Glasses// Coastal

Welp, still no tripod. but I do kind of like having things I rely on taken away to see how I solve problems with out it. I kind of enjoy it. I usually make a lot of discoveries by doing this, like I really like posing in front of my dresser drawers to show off my shoes and/or tights. When I get the tripod part I need I may continue to do this.

I had a good, day today, mainly because I finally got a PO Box! I'll do a post with the addy and all that soon. It's something I've wanted to get for a while. I love snail mail and pen pals and all that and I just need an address that I can feel comfortable posting where ever I want on the internet with out worrying about creep-os knowing where I live. Though I'm sure 99.9% of you are more than lovely, I just want to be safe. I'm so pumped! I may re-vamp my mailbox segment on here too, show casing some cool zines and stuff I may receive/trade, maybe! 

Right now I feeling kinda tired, I re-stocked on all my zines today, and now I'm sitting her folding them. So tedious. And I have a lot of other work looming over my head, too. Gahh. I need a clone. 



Crissy said...

Love the outfit and that dresser!!

Rachel Sullivan said...

Those shoes. Rule.
And I love your headband, you look so cute with your ears peeking out from behind it like that!