Friday, February 28, 2014

Half Birthday

Dress// Anthropologie
Tights// Target
Shoes// Jellypop
Glasses// Coastal 

Do you celebrate half birthdays? I sorta do. I think it's fun. Today I'm 25 and a half. Officially mid-20's...eek!
Also I got an indoor light for my photos, as you might have noticed a slight lighting change here, but one of the bulbs burst into smithereens already and I have no idea why. I can tell you that it scared the living daylights out of me and now I have an irrational fear of it. I'm not sure what to do.

Anyways, I'm kind of on my way out but before I go I want to let you know that I'll be tabling at NYC Feminist Zinefest tomorrow! If you're in the area, you should stop by. I'll have all my zines with me, as well as some buttons and and brand new zine I finished today that's not even in my shop yet. It's my third perzine and its scans of one of my old sketch books and little tidbits about them. I'm pretty happy with it! I'm really overly critical about my zine body-of-work so when I really like one, I get super excited about it. I'm pumped to table tomorrow, zinefests are such a blast for me. If you're there, come say hi!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have Ya Heard of Have Company?

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Have Company is a small indie art and publication shop. If it wasn't for geography, this place would be like, my second home. But alas, I am here in New York and must admire this gem from afar. I think having places like this is so important, to break up the normality in our cities and to add some excitement and at the very least some discussion about art and culture and learning new things. Places and mentalities like this I think how we can live our everyday lives with a bit more character. So without further ado...

Have Company is owned and curated by the lovely Marlee, and her collective of artists and makers which an all be read about here. The store is home to so many cool vintage threads, quirky handmade goods, zines, all things local and handmade and with lots of one of a kind character, all of which is also available for purchase online for all us non- Michigan folks, though if you're in the area, I would so visit. The place looks super homey and welcoming, living up to it's name.

To me, what makes this place special and unique is that they offer a lot more than you're regular indie art and publication shop. They host social events too, like workshops, tarot card readings, and nail painting! (yes, I said NAILS.) The fact that they also provided classes and workshops is awesome, to help spread the DIY lifestyle and make it more accessible to people who are maybe unsure about them selves as creatives and to help create a more thriving community. It's really inspiring that spaces like this exist for all artistic and expressive walks of life! They have such a great collective of artists there.

Need some visual aid? Check out some of these awesome crafty things at Have Company, I love their vibe.

The most recent endeavor of the shop is actually a residency which sounds super exciting. You can read more about that and how to apply here!

They update their schedule quite regularly for all these kickass events on their Facebook page, and follow the blog while you're at it (it's super inspiring). Seriously, check these people out! They rule.


Disclaimer: Yes, this was a sponsored post. I only accept sponsored posts for companies and causes I truly believe in, and I mean every word of my articles with all my little heart. You can read more about sponsored posts here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paris // B+W Film

 I love getting my film pictures back and developed so imagine my excitement of doing that with film from Paris!
It was quite gloomy the entire time I was there, but it made for some really great black and white shots. A lot of these were taken on the same day, so a fair bit of them are of Notre Dame. And of course, the obligatory Eiffel tower shot. I think I have more pictures of the Eiffel tower than anything else, just because I was in such awe of it, ya know? Such a tourist ;)

I lovvved this statue so much. I got other photos on my digital where she's looking straight into the camera, kind of creepy.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lazy Sunday Attire

Sweater & Leggings// H&M
Boots// Timberland
Coat// Michael Kors
Purse// DDP Paris

Full disclosure: I'm a fan of leggings as pants. Always have been. I don't know why people hate on it so much, I think it's cute! I'm definitely against the pj bottoms as outside pants thing (that's so WRONG), but leggings are so easy to style and I think they look great with a (somewhat) over sized sweater. It's a comfy cozy look, but it still tries, I think. Ei, not exactly a going out to dinner look, but a good lazy Sunday outfit. Especially these legging in particular. Suuuuper stretchy and not tight at all.

These were taken this past sunday when we had amazing warm weather. Welp, that came to a screeching halt. It was nice while it lasted. It was so nice that we decided to take a walk to the grocery store to cook dinner instead of driving. And I found three bucks on the ground on the way back! Worth it. Taking a walk and spending some time outside that was actually enjoyed was so invigorating. And I really miss doing that. I love spending time outside, which is why I get so grumpy and uninspired at this time of year. Even an open window with fresh air makes my day. I always need to be doing other things to change things up, usually constantly re-decorating my space. Or changing up my look, which I've done already. I still love my hair so much, I washed and styled it myself for the first time today and it still loves awesome. I always get nervous the first time styling a new cut, cause I'm afraid I won't be able to emulate what they did in three salon. But it's the easiest cut to manage I've ever had, which gives me peace of mind alone. It's funny how much a haircut will cheer you up!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Gratuitous Pictures Of New Haircut

I gots new hairs you guys! I'm totally in love with it.  I always forget that my hair has this great texture to it and I always default to blow drying it straight. But I think this suits me way better. probably because its kind of how y hair naturally is. It just needs to right cut to look good, and this is kind of perfect. I'm beyond happy. My hairdresser could tell my looking at my hair that it would do this wonderful curly shaggy thing and it turned out so good. And I love how part of my streak became part of my bangs. I really like it when hairdressers are creative and take the initiative to do things that will look amazing. I was kind of recently going through a crappy self confidence bout, and I knew treating myself to a good  new cut was what I needed to perk myself up. For me, haircuts are a cure-all.

I'm also really digging how my streak looks all curly and shaggy and stuff. My hair looked way cooler when it was first done, I've slept on it twice when I took these photos, but the fact that the overall look held up pretty well is awesome. I don't have to blow dry it anymore even! I just put some curl stuff in it and go. Yesssssss. I'm totally returning to this place, especially when I want to dye my whole head blue. Weeee!


Friday, February 21, 2014

My Stuff // Twin Peaks Teapot

Ok, you guys. I just got this back all fired and finished from the pottery shop. You're gonna die (if you're a Twin Peaks fan) prepare for some serious nerding out starting...NOW.

It's my Twin Peaks teapot! I've been working on this baby for a few months and its finally done. It may be my favorite pottery piece I've ever painted. I I've painted a TON of things, I used to work at that friggin place.

I usually (well, not really, this segment has only one other post) feature a few things in My Stuff but this teapot is just so cool and detailed that I feel it deserves it's own post. Having it amongst the rest of my collectables with diminish it's awesomeness.

I feel almost blasphemous drinking TEA out of this thing instead of some damn fine good black coffee. Though, it is a tea pot, I could technically drink coffee from it now that I actually think about it...and have my own personal coffee pot (fish free!) At the same time, I think I will display it more than use it. I could see myself dropping it when washing/handling it and I would cry forever if that happened.

I think my only regret is not putting the teeny tiny logs on the pot handle. I think I was going to but I forgot. I am very happy with how the inside of the cup came out, though. It's exactly how I wanted them to look, like the red curtains in the black lodge.

Bottoms up!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stigma #5 Call for Submissions: Jobs & Workplace


Oh hai! Thought I would stop by with my latest call fro submissions for the upcoming issue of Stigma Zine! Read below if you're interested :)

Stigma is a primarily feminist zine, each issue focusing on one subject matter, and with submissions from all kinds of folks talking about their experiences with said issue through a feminist lens, stomping on social stigmas attached to said topic. Issue #5 is about Workplace and Jobs! I'm looking for writing submissions from people who often relate their feminism to their job and work place, weather they have an unconventional job, want to vent/inform about sexism/any other ism and office/occupation politics, sex workers, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs (do you have a business woman special?) , any one and every one who has something to get off their chest with this particular topic. I want these submissions to be as diverse and possible, with still keeping to the subject manner and to feminism and social justice and all that jazz. Stigma is an everybody-friendly zine!

 I would love to have this issue ready for NYC Feminist Zinefest on March 1st, so the deadline for submissions is Thursday, Feburary 27th! Pretty please email all submissions to Be sure to include your name you would like credited to your piece as well as URL, if you'd like! If you want to remain anon, that is perfectly acceptable, just let me know :)


Thawing Out

Dress// Holly Bracken
Top// Anthropologie
Shoes// Modcloth
Tights// Target
Necklace// Handmade

I'm feeling a helluva lot better today. Your comments were all really nice and helpful, thank you! Right now the sun it out, and the snow looks like it will start melting soon. In a few weeks, all this snow will be gone and we'll never speak of this winter ever again. It never happened. OK? 
When I first found this dress (in Paris, ooh la la!) I knew it would become a wardrobe staple. I love layering things with cute collars, and being as it's black and white, everything goes with it. Including bright yellow tops and tights with purple polka dots. And my new favorite shoes! I love good comfortable heels that I can wear outside of the blog without my feet killing me through out the day. These fit the bill for sure. I love a good chunky heel. 
I'm getting my haircut tomorrow and I'm so excited cause I told myself to stop skimping and getting crappy cheap haircuts and I went ahead and made an appointment at Fringe. They advertise in Bust magazine, they must be cool, right? Can't wait to show off my new do! (it'll probs just be the same, just shorter. duy).

Ok I'm off to go do some work sitting in a Starbucks because I really need to get out of this house!