Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have Ya Heard of Have Company?

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Have Company is a small indie art and publication shop. If it wasn't for geography, this place would be like, my second home. But alas, I am here in New York and must admire this gem from afar. I think having places like this is so important, to break up the normality in our cities and to add some excitement and at the very least some discussion about art and culture and learning new things. Places and mentalities like this I think how we can live our everyday lives with a bit more character. So without further ado...

Have Company is owned and curated by the lovely Marlee, and her collective of artists and makers which an all be read about here. The store is home to so many cool vintage threads, quirky handmade goods, zines, all things local and handmade and with lots of one of a kind character, all of which is also available for purchase online for all us non- Michigan folks, though if you're in the area, I would so visit. The place looks super homey and welcoming, living up to it's name.

To me, what makes this place special and unique is that they offer a lot more than you're regular indie art and publication shop. They host social events too, like workshops, tarot card readings, and nail painting! (yes, I said NAILS.) The fact that they also provided classes and workshops is awesome, to help spread the DIY lifestyle and make it more accessible to people who are maybe unsure about them selves as creatives and to help create a more thriving community. It's really inspiring that spaces like this exist for all artistic and expressive walks of life! They have such a great collective of artists there.

Need some visual aid? Check out some of these awesome crafty things at Have Company, I love their vibe.

The most recent endeavor of the shop is actually a residency which sounds super exciting. You can read more about that and how to apply here!

They update their schedule quite regularly for all these kickass events on their Facebook page, and follow the blog while you're at it (it's super inspiring). Seriously, check these people out! They rule.


Disclaimer: Yes, this was a sponsored post. I only accept sponsored posts for companies and causes I truly believe in, and I mean every word of my articles with all my little heart. You can read more about sponsored posts here.


Fawne said...

Ooooo I go to MI often and I'll have to put this on my "to visit" list. Thanks for sharing!

Kerri Heritage said...

Such a quirky little store with such lovely bits!