Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lazy Sunday Attire

Sweater & Leggings// H&M
Boots// Timberland
Coat// Michael Kors
Purse// DDP Paris

Full disclosure: I'm a fan of leggings as pants. Always have been. I don't know why people hate on it so much, I think it's cute! I'm definitely against the pj bottoms as outside pants thing (that's so WRONG), but leggings are so easy to style and I think they look great with a (somewhat) over sized sweater. It's a comfy cozy look, but it still tries, I think. Ei, not exactly a going out to dinner look, but a good lazy Sunday outfit. Especially these legging in particular. Suuuuper stretchy and not tight at all.

These were taken this past sunday when we had amazing warm weather. Welp, that came to a screeching halt. It was nice while it lasted. It was so nice that we decided to take a walk to the grocery store to cook dinner instead of driving. And I found three bucks on the ground on the way back! Worth it. Taking a walk and spending some time outside that was actually enjoyed was so invigorating. And I really miss doing that. I love spending time outside, which is why I get so grumpy and uninspired at this time of year. Even an open window with fresh air makes my day. I always need to be doing other things to change things up, usually constantly re-decorating my space. Or changing up my look, which I've done already. I still love my hair so much, I washed and styled it myself for the first time today and it still loves awesome. I always get nervous the first time styling a new cut, cause I'm afraid I won't be able to emulate what they did in three salon. But it's the easiest cut to manage I've ever had, which gives me peace of mind alone. It's funny how much a haircut will cheer you up!



Danielle Morgan said...

I totally know what you mean by needing that fresh air and outside time! I go full-on crazy in the winter. Not too much longer under spring time!

Midge Blitz said...

I'm literally counting the days till spring, like a prisoner or something haha. UGH!

Kristian Olson said...

Oh, I love this on you. Perfect blend of stylish and casual with great colors.

Kerri Heritage said...

I love to wear my leggings in the house but I just don't like to personally wear them as trousers or under something longer at other times. I'd rather wear tights. I do think they look nice as trousers, just not my style and this is a lovely outfit showing that they can look great!

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so I can get out the house more. I have to go into work one day each weekend but it's not the same as getting out and about, although it does get me some fresh air.

~ K

Smita Rao said...

Lovely leggings and coat..
I would like to buy similar style leggings online.