Monday, February 3, 2014

Stomping Grounds

Dress// NY & Company (old)
Vest// Target
Coat// Bitten by SJP back when that was a thing. 
Tights// HUE
Boots// Doc Marten
Glasses// Kiss

In order to take these pictures, I finally faced my anxiety on taking outdoor photos alone thats not my back yard! Though, this might be cheating because this spot is fairly deserted. So maybe I cheated just a little bit. I took them in the parking lot of my old elementary school, which has since been closed. It's kind of creepy there because it's just so deserted. But I was excited to have nice outdoor photos that I took myself on here, so don't mind the photo heaviness that follows this paragraph...

Like I said, it was super creepy round those parts. The windows behind me was where the cafeteria was, and I could see the old tables with the wheels on them that they used, still there. Not only is there an abandoned elementary school, but across the street are a few really run down looking houses that have looked like they were haunted since I can remember. Not sure if i will return to take pictures here, but I do like how they came out.

I don't know bout you, but it defiantly do not care about the superbowl. Instead I spent it at my buddies apartment betting fake money on the Japan World Cup on youtube, while wearing sparkly hats. It was magical.


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weirdklown said...

These pictures are awesome. Love the colours in your outfit. Taking pictures outside is def scary and hard to do. I think I tried once... but too many people. I think I'd only be able to do it in a backyard if ever.

Sarah said...

Ooh, that is super creepy! Congrats on taking the photos, though! very nice. Just found you a few days ago via Chaos Parade & I'm so glad I did!

Kerri Heritage said...

I really do love that coat!
Lovely location for your pictures. I always take my photos in secluded areas and get nervous every time I see people coming.
The abandoned school is such an interesting place to take photos.

~ K

annikavictoria said...

Your hair with the blue tights!!! It works so well :) so pretty!