Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thawing Out

Dress// Holly Bracken
Top// Anthropologie
Shoes// Modcloth
Tights// Target
Necklace// Handmade

I'm feeling a helluva lot better today. Your comments were all really nice and helpful, thank you! Right now the sun it out, and the snow looks like it will start melting soon. In a few weeks, all this snow will be gone and we'll never speak of this winter ever again. It never happened. OK? 
When I first found this dress (in Paris, ooh la la!) I knew it would become a wardrobe staple. I love layering things with cute collars, and being as it's black and white, everything goes with it. Including bright yellow tops and tights with purple polka dots. And my new favorite shoes! I love good comfortable heels that I can wear outside of the blog without my feet killing me through out the day. These fit the bill for sure. I love a good chunky heel. 
I'm getting my haircut tomorrow and I'm so excited cause I told myself to stop skimping and getting crappy cheap haircuts and I went ahead and made an appointment at Fringe. They advertise in Bust magazine, they must be cool, right? Can't wait to show off my new do! (it'll probs just be the same, just shorter. duy).

Ok I'm off to go do some work sitting in a Starbucks because I really need to get out of this house!



Erika said...

I love that collar, and necklace! AMAZING. I'm in love with all of your outfits :)
-Erika xx

Midge Blitz said...

Thanks Erika!

Reagan said...

what an amazing color and collar. & those tights are so cute!

Elen said...

Your whole outfit is fantastic, you're style reminds me of the quirky outfits Marlena (self-constructed-freak) and Arabelle Sicardi (fashionpirate) wear but slightly more toned down. Love your blog!x

Kerri Heritage said...

I think I have just found my new favourite shoes!