Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Midge Longstocking

I'm feeling myself becoming more and more into separates lately. I'm finding that I'm browsing t-shirts and skirts online more than dresses nowadays. Which is good, I like how my style is always evolving and changing, and with separates it's even more fun to experiment because there's more articles to mix together. With warmer weather on it's way I'm excited to put together layers looks that don't need a coat, so I can wear outfits like this and be comfortable. (I was obviously a bit chilly when taking these, it's still quite cold here)

My main art background is in graphic design, so I'm a huge typography nerd. This shirt speaks to me for obvious reasons, haha. I love the "classroom" look and aesthetics such as alphabets like this, stamped library cards, and lined yellow paper.

So pairing this shirt with knee socks, school-girl-ish shoes and thick framed glasses, and I am a happy camper. My socks weren't meant to be at two different lengths, but I like how they look regardless. Kind of reminds me of Pippy Longstocking!


Shirt// c/o W Concept Skirt// H&M Tights + Socks// Target Shoes// Modcloth Jacket// Army Surplus Bag// Marc Jacobs Glasses// Ray Ban

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Stuff // Up-cycled Jewelry

I have quite a bit of up-cycled jewelry piecies. I like to wear unique things, so the best way to do that it to DIY it! I find little trinkets mostly at garage sales and flea markets and make them into my new favorite jewelry pieces. Here are a few...

 I found those dentures at a flea market and the tiny harmonica (that works!) at a garage sale in my town. I love that it says Woodstock on it!

I found this rock on the beach and I loved its red color. Mike says is looks like jasper, which is a semi precious stone so I doubt it's that? I dunno.

 I found a whole bunch of typewriter keys at a flea market, and this one is the only one I have yet to finagle into a piece of jewelry. I don't know if typewriter key jewelry is cliché yet, but I still love it.
These earrings were one of the first things I DIYed. This little general store I was at had bunches of these tiny loose little charms so of course I decided to make little skull dangly earrings. My teenage self was very proud.

Hope you had a fab weekend! Saturday I caught up with a good friend of mine from high school at a Williamsburg dive bar, and Sunday I lazed around and watched ghost shows with my mom. Weekend-success!


Friday, March 21, 2014

In the Garden

Dress + Tights + Jacket// Target
Shoes// Vans
Backpack// Modcloth
Brooch// Thrifted
Necklace// Sugarcookie

These were taken in the Sculpture garden at the Nassau County Museum of Art. I've been meaning to bring Mike here since late last summer because I knew how much he would appreciate all the art and big open spaces. We had a good weather day last weekend, so we went. And of course I asked him to snap some outfit photos, to which he is always more than happy to do. Patient parters are the best thing to have as a style blogger, when you need a photo and don't have your trusty tripod! I'm happy we were able to get a decent jumping shot. He's so supportive of me and my silly little blog, it's so nice. He's the coolest.

That little heart pin I got the same day at a tiny thrift store in the area, called Twin Pines. Part of me wishes it was a Twin Peaks reference, but I doubt it. They had some really good treasures, though. Almost all of their clothing was legit vintage. It's a non profit co-op, and besides the little adorable little old lady at the register, she explained to us the other people that work there are on probation, and working there is their court ordered community service. (chit chatting with old ladies in stores is my thing, OK? You get a lot of dirt that way) So, that little tidbit explains this strung out dude slouching around the store, who, when we left, was standing by the door with a glittery green hat on, giant sunglasses and a cane (both of which he didn't need, we saw him walking around earlier) yelling "HELP ME, I'M A DRUNK IRISH BLIND MAN, WHICH WAY IS THE PARADE?!" Living with it's name, the place definitely has some David Lynch character weird-ness to it.

I forgot to get a close up of the other pin on my bag, so I just snapped on separately because YOU NEED TO SEE IT. I thrifted it, and despite the bad grammar, it's amazing.

I snapped a lot of photos (mostly film) of all the weird sculptures, which I think I'll save for a separate post, but here's one photos of my favorite piece:

It's been there forever, I even remember it from my childhood from when my mom used to bring me here. It was always my favorite because of how colorful and goofy it is! I think art can be good and goofy at the same time. My art can be really goofy sometimes.

OK, I think I've filled my use of the word goofy quota for the year, I'm off to pack some orders!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Smell Ya Later, Winter!

This is kind of a spur-of-the-momnet post (but sometimes those are the best ones, amiright?) Being as today marks the first day of Spring, I though I would post this photo I snapped a few weekends ago of the Long Island sound with its lovely frozen chunks. I say lovely literally and sarcastically, while they look cool, they represent one of the roughest Winters we've ever had. I was almost looking at them in disgust. Like, I was offended by them. I've never seen ice like this in my life! This season was very mentally taxing on me. Now, my home life is by no means actually terrible. I have a very loving family, we get along very well for the most part. But nothing makes you feel more "stuck" than literally being stuck inside, in the house you grew up in, whilst being on the absolute end of your rope in terms of the dead end town you live in, that offers me absolutely nothing, piled on top of out-bids on condos, our way outta here. But today, even though it is still COLD, it is officially, on paper, OVER. Cabin fever has bit the dust, and the ice has melted. Spring has brought be a new home, hopefully.

It's perfect that things are moving forward with our condo right at the beginning of Spring, my favorite transitional time of the year, how fitting that I make one of the biggest changes of my life around this time. Things are still pending and in  progress at this point, so I don't want to giveaway too much or jinx anything here.

So, here's to Spring! I welcome all that you bring to me with a giant you-know-what eating grin. I'M SO READY.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walking is Still Honest

Shirt// Generation Records in NYC, years ago. 
Cardigan// Andrew Marc (old)
Jeans// Modcloth
Boots// Bass
Coat// Modcloth (sold out)
Necklace// Modcloth (also sold out...womp!)
Bag// Marc Jacobs

Against Me! has been one of my favorite bands of all time for about decade now. And being as (in my opinion, and many others') they just came out with their best album yet, I had the urge to dig this t-shirt out of my band shirt archive and start rocking it again. It's one of the few punk band shirts from my high school years I own that I would (and do) still wear today.

I never really got the chance to show off my bags and outer-wear on the blog, being as I feel weird posing with a coat, scarf, and bag on in my bedroom, but in actual public environments it feels so much more natural. I have so many cool jackets and bags that no one on this blog has ever seen before, and I'm anxious to put together awesome looks with all of them now!

Anywho, I RARELEY wear jeans, on my blog and in real life. I actually just recently posted my first outfit with actual jeans here. But those were old, and honestly weren't my favorite thing. I love high waisted looks on everything, and I found myself craving a style change of pace, so trying out jeans again I though would be a good idea. I was right, these pants are kind my new favorite clothing article at this time. And I've never tried out high waisted pants before, and they are a perfect fit for me. I even bought two pairs of these because they fit so perfect. These in black, and I also have dark wash blue. My mom actually pressured me into buying a second pair because they're so awesome, haha! This might be a bit TMI but I have chronic butt crack issues with every pair of pants I've owned, even mid-rise pairs. But these awesomely high waisted babies totally cut out that little...issue. (I swear to god, I think I have a abnormally high butt crack..ok, yeah, this is definitely TMI)

I think I'll end this post on that lovely note. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Monday, March 17, 2014

A Green Dress

Dress// Target
Cardigan// Modcloth
Boots// Bass
Glasses// c/o Coastal

 So, I am an Irish girl and this green dress post is me acknowledging St. Patrick's Day today. I'm not really into the festivities that people in my age group take part in on this day (aka let's be really douchy and drink on the LIRR to the parade at 8AM) so therefore I don't really do too much to celebrate. I don't even eat corn beef cause I'm a veg head. So, a green dress it is. I got in on Friday at Target, and I love it. What I love that most is that it's not something that's typically my style, but for some reason, I'm really digging how it looks on me. So it's a nice change of pace. I love a little something different, even if it's just a simple dress. Little changes make me happy.

So, awkward story time! Everyone loves a good awkward story, right? Being as I'm going to try and take all of my outfit photos outdoor in public now, I guess it's likely for weird things to happen. I took these in the same spot I took these photos, which is a pretty empty area, with a few houses around. So I'm standing in front of this wall taking photos and all of a sudden, cop car. All of my anxieties about taking photos in public we all coming to a head the minute I see a damn cop car approaching my little photo shoot. No sirens or anything, but being as this is pretty much an adndoned parking lot, he had to have a reason to come back there, which leads me to believe that some goody two shoes called the cops on me. I wasn't trespassing (it's public property) and I wasn't doing anything that would merit somebody involving law enforcement. So I just see the car approaching and my knee jerk reaction is to awakardly wave at the guy and go "HIIII!!". He just pulls up to where I'm standing by my camera, and I explain that I'm taking photos and if that's ok, and he was like "yeah, doesn't bother me!" Then he just asked what I was taking pictures of out of genuine curiosity, being as there's not much around there, and I said I was taking outfit photos, he said that was cool, and left. He was super nice, and he didn't mention any complaints from any one or anything, so I'm still confused. There's a dead end right around there, so it's not like he was passing through. I probs won't come back to this spot to take photos. So freakin' weird.

Anyway, Happy Saint Patricks Day?


Friday, March 14, 2014

Fancying Friday

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

This is basically me wishing for warm sunny weather. This Saturday is supposed to be ALMOST 60 degrees here, so you know I'll be frolicking around like a manic not taking a bit of it for granted.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scatterbrain Zine #3 // The Sketchbook Series

 I just came out with the third issue of my perzine, Scatterbrain! It's old scans of my sketchbook from 2007-2009. It's easier for me to make perzines with visual aid. I speak better with visuals, so I think I may be done with trying to force myself to write a whole bunch for my zines. It's kind of not my bag. But writing about old sketches and collages, where I was at that point in my life, actually comes easy to me. And sometimes I just let the visuals speak for themselves. I'm definitely much more of an art zinester. I can't wait to come out with more of these, I think I'll get started on another one today!

I thought it would be clever to make the front and backs of the zines the same as the actual sketch book it's based on. I sometimes get stuck on what to put on covers, so this is perfect.
It feels so weird sometimes to go through old journals and sketches and stuff. But I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I'm pretty proud of how this came out. it's entirely cut and paste and type out with my typewriter.

Some of the elements of a sketchbook are hard to convey in zine form, but oh well. I'll just post some pictures of them here instead.

So, if you're interested in taking a peek at my little college-age musings, you can pick up a copy of the zine in my etsy shop, right here!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Greetings From Mars

Skirt// H&M
Tights & Socks// Target
Sunglasses// Modcloth (old)
Shoes// Vans

This set is my first time taking photos in public alone, with people around, and nothing horrible happened! OMG! I have faced the fear. Anxiety: defeated.
This t-shirt is so cool, and it happens to belong to Mike. His mom buys him alllll the cool shirts for birthdays and Christmas. I usually just swipe his shirts to wear to bed, but the fit of this one is actually really nice and tunic-like. So, I wore it out. The basic black H&M skirt I got for like 2 cents is the perfect addition to add length to where it almost looks like one piece. Almost. But also not to mention the cool design, I love retro typography like old postcards.

In retrospect, these pictures seems really sporty/baseball-y, with the sneakers, knee socks, and hanging out on the bleachers. Which actually wasn't my intention, but it seemed to work out well!