Monday, March 10, 2014

Blue and Orange Stripes

Dress// Modcloth
Fishnets// Drugstore
Shoes// Modcloth
Necklace// Sugarcookie
Glasses// Coastal

Oh hai! This might be a bit quick being as I have lots of shop work to get done today. This weekend was good, though, I hung out with my best friend from high school Friday and Saturday, and saw some other High School buds on Friday. It was at one of those bars in Willaimsburg where I'm sure they charge you and extra 5 bucks for your drink if it's in a mason jar. But I still had fun. Saturday I tagged along to someones birthday thing in the city and it was a but clubby, which isn't really our thing, so we stayed for an hour, then left os split some cheese fries at a dive bar and went home. Cheese fries over anything. Every time.

I'm gonna be pretty dang busy today (usually I write my to do lists on post it's and stick them to my I have filled 4 post it's of things to make...phew!!) but it's officially day light savings so there's more light and more light makes me a happy working girl.
I'll talk about my outfit a bit, I love this comfy dress, it's prefect for when I wanna get dressed but don't want to be in pj or leggings. And I'm a new convert nude fishnets. I feel like they're such a nice and subtle finish! And now I wait for it to be warm enough for me to actually wear this outside...



Holly Karnes said...

Super cute! I love the colors of the dress, and your hair is just darling!! :)


Kerri Heritage said...

Good luck with your to-do list!!
Those shoes and tights look great together!

~ K

Crystal Joy said...

Yeah! Nude fishnets are the best!