Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ghost World // The Suburbs

The other weekend me and Mike took a walk to the grocery store, because it was that freakishly warm weekend and driving would just feel wrong. With our new condo right around the corner, I'm so at the end of my rope in terms of living in ugly suburbia. I brought my camera to get some outfit photos, but I actually ended up taking some very Aschan School-esqe photos, some of them remind me very much of Ghost World too, and the whole Ghost World suburb vibe.

This tire photo kind of sets the whole mood up for this. I would be lying if I said I didn't find it hilarious and was laughing the whole time I was taking pictures of it, saying to Mike, "look at this, it's too perfect, this town is awful". This area of my town is so dilapidated and gross that I somehow found some way to capture beautiful photographs of the crappiness. I showed my dad them, being as he has (or had) a slight interest in photography and he didn't really get it. He said "well at least it not film!" Meaning I can just delete them and there was no harm done. I don't think he meant any ill will, PARENTS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND, MAAAN. Ugh. Get me outta here.

 I actually did appreciate all the cool signage and retro lettering at all the auto body shops on this road. Retro signage is really appealing to me.

This last photo was snapped while I was walking down the road, with out really thinking about it but when I saw it it really reminded me of Daniel Clowes' artwork in the Ghost World book. I decided I would edit it to be the same shade of teal the book is in, as a tribute to the book. I think it captures that vibe so well. I almost drew some fake graffiti on the garage to say "Ghost World" but I refrained.

I don't want to come off as too complain-y in this post, but I am pretty happy with how I captured my area in these photos, good, bad, or indifferent. Hoboken here I come!



Sammi Cohen said...

These photos are really beautiful, Midge!

xox Sammi

Camille Maar said...

I Love these photos ! My favorite is the one with the tv

Kerri Heritage said...

I love the one of the road cones and the TV. Like they say, there is beauty in everything :)

Danielle Morgan said...

I totally get that Ghost World vibe, too! The note taped to the door reminds me of the part when they leave a note on Josh's door. Also... you have green grass?!? What?!?

Aura said...

These remind me so much of my town.