Friday, March 21, 2014

In the Garden

Dress + Tights + Jacket// Target
Shoes// Vans
Backpack// Modcloth
Brooch// Thrifted
Necklace// Sugarcookie

These were taken in the Sculpture garden at the Nassau County Museum of Art. I've been meaning to bring Mike here since late last summer because I knew how much he would appreciate all the art and big open spaces. We had a good weather day last weekend, so we went. And of course I asked him to snap some outfit photos, to which he is always more than happy to do. Patient parters are the best thing to have as a style blogger, when you need a photo and don't have your trusty tripod! I'm happy we were able to get a decent jumping shot. He's so supportive of me and my silly little blog, it's so nice. He's the coolest.

That little heart pin I got the same day at a tiny thrift store in the area, called Twin Pines. Part of me wishes it was a Twin Peaks reference, but I doubt it. They had some really good treasures, though. Almost all of their clothing was legit vintage. It's a non profit co-op, and besides the little adorable little old lady at the register, she explained to us the other people that work there are on probation, and working there is their court ordered community service. (chit chatting with old ladies in stores is my thing, OK? You get a lot of dirt that way) So, that little tidbit explains this strung out dude slouching around the store, who, when we left, was standing by the door with a glittery green hat on, giant sunglasses and a cane (both of which he didn't need, we saw him walking around earlier) yelling "HELP ME, I'M A DRUNK IRISH BLIND MAN, WHICH WAY IS THE PARADE?!" Living with it's name, the place definitely has some David Lynch character weird-ness to it.

I forgot to get a close up of the other pin on my bag, so I just snapped on separately because YOU NEED TO SEE IT. I thrifted it, and despite the bad grammar, it's amazing.

I snapped a lot of photos (mostly film) of all the weird sculptures, which I think I'll save for a separate post, but here's one photos of my favorite piece:

It's been there forever, I even remember it from my childhood from when my mom used to bring me here. It was always my favorite because of how colorful and goofy it is! I think art can be good and goofy at the same time. My art can be really goofy sometimes.

OK, I think I've filled my use of the word goofy quota for the year, I'm off to pack some orders!



Gawly Gee said...

Love this outfit! Everything looks to great together. I need to visit my sculpture park soon, maybe that's where I'll do my first public outfit photos!

Kerri Heritage said...

I love just going out because it's sunny. My bf takes all my outfit photos for me haha, maybe I need to invest in a tripod and try some pictures by myself.

Love the cute pins!

Kristian Olson said...

You, your stripes and your colorful tights are adorable. Also yay for goofy art :)

Smita Rao said...

I loved those bright red tights and the jacket.

I would like to get for myself similar jacket and tights online