Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Stuff // Office Things

I really like to keep a lot of colorful things around my work space to keep me inspired. Colors are my friend! Here's a few objects I keep around my office to keep things vibrant. 
 When I was a rowdy teen I swiped this creamer from a diner. I don't know why I did that, but I don't do that kinda thing anymore, of course, haha. So I decoupaged it and put my paint markers in it, which at this point are more for decoration than anything else being as I haven't used them in ages. It adds some nice color to my office, though.

Speaking of pops of color, this pen no longer works but she sure does make quite the shelf buddy. 

I wasn't crazy about the whiteboard look of my cork board thing, so I decided that chalk board would look better! I simply painted it with chalkboard paint. I love how the colored chalk looks lined up. Also, how awesome is that ribbon? I got it from Adam JK's kickstarter for his "Unsolicited Advice" planner. 
Also coincidently, one of my fave bloggers Kaylah has this on her cork board, too!



OrigamiGirl said...

I love the cork board + chalk board thing. Two of them at once! Perfect. I had a really nice chalkboard I made for our wedding to be a direction sign but someone took it away. (Read possible stole). I am not too upset (it was a good day) but I do miss it. I should make another!


Kerri Heritage said...

It's so much easier to work when you are surrounded by stuff to make you smile :)