Monday, March 3, 2014

NYC Feminist Zinefest

Thought I'd stop by and share with you my photos of my dinky table at the NYC Feminist Zinefest! I had so much fun, and I'll probably do a haul post a bit later on the other zines I got/traded from the fest.

This sign looked great when I first put it together but once I hung it on my table it kinda flopped everywhere. Womp!

Oh and we made a cat out of the bag our bagels came in. He was a hit. Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to say hi and for you kind words! It's so cool to see people in person wearing things I made. Kind of surreal. You peeps are the coolest ever!

I'm also doing Brooklyn Zinefest, which is coming up on April 26th/27th! I'll be tabling there for just the 26th. I definitely want to step my table game up a bunch for that. I'm proud of my tables and stuff but, uh, they still need some work and re-vamping. Yay for new goals! I need to get some stands for my zines, a new table cloth, a real sign, start printing my zines on better paper, ect. Stepping my table and zine game up for sure. I want to also start doing craft fairs so I can also sell my accessories, the next BUST one if coming up in May but I fear I may be too busy moving then to be able to pull that off smoothly. So the next one AFTER the Spring one I gonna apply. I'm pumped!


PS The new Scatterbrain zine that you see pictured will be available in the shop soon :)


Michelle | said...

What an awesome event to table at! It's exciting that you're going to venture into that world a bit more--I'm looking forward to seeing your table grow prettier and prettier! :) I hope I can visit you at a show some day! The NYC area has such amazing opportunities.

Tessa said...

There's these antique/indie craft festivals I sell at and your booth would fit in so well!!!