Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Zine Queen

Top// Modcloth
Skirt & Shoes// Thrifted
Badge// Hanecdote
Tights// Hue
Zine// from Darshana

OK, so I've been planning this outfit for a while, but I wanted to fix my studio light scare/dilemma before I took any more outfit photos (I just had to clean the bulbs, they were smoking and eventually bursting because they were so dirty. Research. It's a thing.) So everything is good with them now. I just gotta position them juuust right or else the shadow get so intense that I look like I'm about to tell you a ghost story.

I basically planned this whole outfit around this badge. I wanted something simple to show case it but still very me, and keeping to somewhat of a scout-like theme because the badge is like a Girl Scout one., which I'm in love with. In the first picture I reading (ok, posing with) one of the zines I picked up on Saturday from the zinefest. It's a comic zine, which is my favorite kind. I picked up a fair bit of art and comic zines there, hopefully I'll get around to that haul post!

I'm having a slow-ish day, but I'm not really minding it. I slept past 9 today (late for me on a weekday) and watched Wendy Williams and drank some coffee and took some blog photos. I love having this blog because it helps me fill up my time when other aspects of my working from home occupation are slow! This thing really does keep me sane.



Jenna | said...

i love this look! i really want to start a zine but i'm so indecisive! i think it would complement my bookmaking skills nicely. maybe some day i'll take the time to do some more brainstorming with the idea— you're such an inspiration <3

Kerri Heritage said...

Such a cute little badge. Sometimes it's nice to do a simple outfit to showcase something else.
I would love to see some of the vines you picked up! :)