Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Office Space

 Our house is starting to look like people live here! Here's a peek of my office:

Right now it looks a bit different (put together all my storage drawers and an actual office chair) but this is basically the jist of my new work space. Ain't it purdy!

I can't wait to be all productive in this room. My shop is still on vacation mode but I'm still keeping busy preparing for the BUST Craftacular's Primped on Sunday! I still have a ton of things to make for it. I wanted to have most of them done before I was fully moved in but that didn't happen. There's just so much to do!

 One of the new items I'm working on, little venus scout brooches! I'm really into black and white combos lately so I plan on reflecting that in lots of new stock for the shop.

 Wall things! I love this arrangement. I made three of the things up there, but mainly because I think they all have good daily reminders.

Pigeons love hanging out on the window sill in my office and it's adorable. I love themmmm!

Knockin out some accessories and setting them up for some pretty product pictures.

I used my bedroom lamp for a bit, but I have my regular one there now. I still kind of love how the lantern looks here though. But my office lamp would look dumb in my bedroom, haha.

I love my new little pen and pencil holder. Chalkboard paint has such a cool look and feel to it, even if you don't using it to write on with chalk.  
My little reminder from Lois Maffeo. I always keep this in plain sight when I'm working :) 

My little banner! for those that are curious I got mine online at the MoMA store. I took it down already to have it read to pack for my table on Sunday. 

More house pictures soon!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Stripes + Purple

Hi! I'm officially moving tomorrow! My dad's driving my moving truck for me GO DADS! In order to get to Hoboken from here you have to drive through Manhattan, and I ain't driving no cargo van through the city. Right after I write this on my desktop computer I'm unplugging it and packing it up...AAH!

These photos were taken in my new workspace/studio, where the light is amazing. I took some photos of it yesterday, even though it's not completely set up, it looks so terrific so far. It's so pretty that I feel like its fake, like a set or something.
Anywho, thought I'd take this opportunity to give ya a first preview of one of the new items I'll be adding to my shop once it back up and running. I call that picture "hey, man, my eyes are down here! And up here!"


Dress + Tights// Target Shoes// Modcloth Brooch Set// Handmade coming soon to my shop!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Photo Diary // More Adventures in Moving

I have Ikea furniture blisters. Actually, we both do. My desk (which is three of these tables) was more difficult to put together than we thought, for the most part.
Yup. But it's all good now because by the time I write this post it's on my laptop on my new desk set up!

A lonely chair... we were so excited to have something to actually SIT on. (couch delivery this weekend...woooo!)

After: (haha!) 
I have a thing for novelty drinking glasses. Or novelty anything while we're on the subject.
One of my favorite things about my office... it has an extra closet rod, outside of the closet! This room is where my clothing closet is too so it works pretty well. I may add a second rod cause even after donating a bunch of stuff I still have lots of clothes.
 My closet thus far...

I cannot wait to show you the rest of my office in an upcoming post..I set up some stuff in it today and it is the office of my dreams. Even though it's not finished yet, this room is seriously amazing. The natural light mid-day is beyond divine. I'm on cloud 9 right now with this place!

Still using paper bowls and plates, but bringing all of my belongings (including proper dish ware) here Saturday! Pumped!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photo Diary // New Neighborhood

I feel like Hoboken is a bit of a hidden gem...when I told people I was moving there a lot of them would ask why thinking it was just a regular town in NJ, but it's anything but ordinary.
 I took my mom there to show her our place and the town on Monday, and she pretty much said the same thing about it being a hidden little gem of a town. On one of my walks around town I decided to snap a few photos of my area of town. The spring is reeeeeally pretty here.

The old architecture here is really great too. My building is a brownstone, like most of the buildings in this town. So glad we ended up going with the older building as opposed to a new one with no personality. I love walking around and admiring all the different structures.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I have yet to find good public spaces in my city to take outfit photos. I'm still a little shy about that, and Hoboken is a lot more populated than some dinky town in Long Island, so there aren't many secluded areas outside to take photos. However, in the park by the PATH, where the sky line is it's most visible, there are always people with their cameras and tripods there. Now granted they're taking pictures of the city and not themselves, I feel like noone would give my silly self portraits there a second thought. 

The space where I'm standing here is now occupied by Mike's desk, the bare walls are starting to get filled up with ACTUAL STUFF. As you can probably tell by the lack of updates here, I'm as busy and exhausted as it gets. But things are moving along pretty well, soon we will be all moved in. I'm back on LI now, packing alllll of the things I own. I'll tell ya, donating stuff never felt so good. In two ways, one I don't have to lug the stuff to a different state, and also some quirky ass fellow thrift store rat is going to be so happy when they find an obnoxious Betsey Johnson bag that I outgrew. I'm probably going to end up donating like 10 bags of stuff. 

I got this dress from modcloth's stylish surprise thingy. I wouldn't normally buy something like this, but I like trying and wearing stuff I wouldn't normally. Thats why this blog is so much fun for me, I can document all my many looks.


Dress// Modcloth Tights// HUE Shoes// BCBG Glasses// Coastal

Friday, April 18, 2014

City Noise

 We are still without lots of furniture in our place, so that means more time to take outfit photos with clean backdrops, haha! The top photo is going to be our dining room, and the other two is my office. I looove the blue color that it's painted. I'm glad that I like all the colors of the walls, painting the place would be a bitch. We saw a lot of places with ugly paint colors, so I'm happy this isn't one of them with like dark brown and red walls. Ew.

I'm getting used to all the noises of living in a city in a condo unit. Most of them I'm ok with, like we have lots of pigeons that hang out on the window sills and coo their little heads off and its kind of adorable. I love them. Except sometimes their coos sound like human mumbling noises which threw me for quite the loop a couple days ago, but I'm used to it now.

The people above us have two small children that I'm pretty sure are awful satan banshee creatures and their main ritual hour to yell and stomp is 7AM. This morning was NOT a pleasant one. However, they are moving out in the summer, and I also bought a giant jar of earplugs. THANK GOD.

I bought this maxi skirt on a whim while shopping for housewares in Target. Thats the problem with that place, I always spend more there then I intend to because they have cute clothing. Ugh. I'm trying to get into maxi lengths, I think they're cute, and I haven't really tried them out as much as I would like. And stripes are my favorite thing right now.

Welp, back to Long Island, I have orders to pack up!


Skirt// Target Top// Old Shoes// Vans

Thursday, April 17, 2014


So, as you know, I'm moving from one state to another which is turning out to be a lot of work. Starting this Monday, the 21st, Modern Girl Blitz shop will close temporarily while I get my crap together, move my home office, and get all the set up the interwebz in my new digs!

I've put a bunch of stuff on sale that will be gone when I get back, and replaced with some brand new things, so nows the chance to grab them. Everything here can be found in the sale section of the shop!

ALSO, I added a coupon for you to get an extra 20% off by using the code MOVINGBRB at checkout! This coupon will be valid until Sunday at Midnight EST.

My shop will return in mid-May. Don't worry, it'll go by fast :) In the mean time you can also catch me at the BUST Craftacular's Primped! on Sunday, May 4th! I'll be there selling all my accessories, including some new things that have yet to be in the shop! You can get all the deets on that event right here. See ya there!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photo Diary // Moving

I want to start documenting my every day life here on the blog so I'm gonna start doing photo diary posts! Now is a good time to start one because my life is so freakin busy and chaotic right now with moving and all. It's a bit a of a gradual process so it's kind of a weird in limbo journey. Also, frankly, I'm too exhausted and busy to do outfit posts this week, haha

 Views of still sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Our furniture arrives in a few days though!
One of my two old lady bags that i car back and forth is this tiny duffel. it hold a lot, it's like my Mary Poppins bag. Tomorrow I'm stuffing it with stuff for the kitchen to bring over.
Artsy shot of the brick wall above the "bed" (mattress.)
 I think our decorating motif is going to be a lot f black and white and grey with bright color accents. I love this ikea duvet cover.

What part of our kitchen looks like right now...we took the cabinet doors off above the microwave ourself, I wanted a little section to display pretty kitchen things. It's gonna be so pinterest, such quirky, wow. But seriously. I bought removable chevron wall paper for this specifically. It's gonna be like a tiny Twin Peaks kitchen shrine. 
The only decorative thing in the kitchen so far, this pretty pot Mike's mom had lying around and wasn't using, so she gave it to us.

That's it for now..more interesting posts to come soon, promise! Life is kinda nutz right now.