Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jean Jacket

Having a pretty much empty condo with great lighting makes taking outfit photos a cinch. That brick wall will soon be occupied by a bed, so I'll use it as a backdrop as much as I can before we get all set up. Last night we spent our first night in our place, it was very "first day of the rest of your life" kind of feeling. Even though right now we're sleeping on this air mattress type thing and that's basically all of our furniture. On saturday we're going mattress and couch shopping and next weekend is when the crap load of Ikea furniture we ordered is getting delivered! Then the weekend after that I'm moving all my crap from my house and after thaaaaat we are ALMOST SETTLED. I say in a month we will be there full time as out full fledged HOME. That look of glee on my face in the first photo is totally genuine. 

It's weird cause I'm at home (parents house) now because all my work stuff is here, and work is a thing I have to do, obviously. I texted Mike saying "it's weird sitting at home and thinking 'I wanna go home' " but its basically how I feel. But it's cool, cause we're spending this weekend there to hang out and get more things done. I am so excited for the next month IT'S GONNA RULE! I think I'm looking forward to putting together all the ikea stuff the most. We're a really good team with that sorta thing.

This outfit is kind of a product of having limited amount of clothes with me in my place so I just put what-ever together and I love it. Things that not having a lot with you to work with forces you to be more creative. Every time I go over there I bring as much stuff and clothes I can carry, so my official moving load is a bit smaller. The walk from the Path train to our place is like 25 minutes so it's been a bit physically trying, but worth it.

More adventures on moving updates soon!


Top// Some store in Seattle Shorts// Modcloth (similarTights// Target Shoes// JC Penny Jacket// Thrifted


Chloe said...

Midge, you are freakin adorable. I love your hair like this.

Micheal Jim said...

Your outfit is outstanding. This is called matching.

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Kerri Heritage said...

A perfect 'just thrown together' outfit ;) I love the pop of colour from the tights.
I hope you're still having fun in your new place!