Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Le Crop Top

Feels good to be getting back into the swing of things, it's been an intense past few days. Thanks for bearing with me in my mini hiatus! This bog is my baby, it felt so weird not updating it, though I obviously had other things to do/on the brain.

Anyways, on to the outfit. A striped crop top was something I all of a sudden needed and I luckily snagged this one on ebay. All the cool kids have them I feel like, not like that should be the only reason to get one, of course. Being a blogger and avid blog reader, seeing others rock things really awesomely can inspire you to do that same, even if it's just a silly top. AAAAnd it's finally getting warmer here, but I took these before then and I'm FUH-REEZNG  in these photos.

Also, don't mind the clothes line being down in the background. Not sure whats going on with that. You know that thing where you point something out that no one would have noticed if you didn't point it out? Yeah, I just did that.


Top// Ebay Skirt// Love Ady Shoes// Report Sunglasses// Fred Flare Jacket// Gap Necklace// Handmade


Gabriella Murray said...

I consider my stripey crop a wardrobe staple!

I love how you've been doing all your outfit posts lately, makes me wanna venture out into the world to take photos :)

Reagan said...

love this. you look great in a crop top1

Gawly Gee said...

I have one crop top that I've bought recently. I haven't had much luck because I don't like the super tight ones, it has to have sleeves and I want it to show a little bit of tummy. I mean that's the point. But most of them that I've tried on meet right at or come down a bit more on my skater skirts. So far, I've only looked at Forever 21 and H&M. This one looks super cute on you! You rock it!

Brooke said...

Love this, I've been wanting a striped crop top for a while now! Plus, I love your shoes :)


Beverly Houpt said...

I love this! My friend and I were expressing our feelings about crop tops recently, and we sadly disagreed. I think they're so cute paired with high waisted pants/skirts.

CuddlyCacti said...

you look AMAZING in that crop top. i know what you mean about the blog styles, i'm wanting to try all these cute things but some of them i never do and then welp, onto the next season and i missed wearing all my cute sweaters. crop top season lasts forever in Phoenix at least, if i get the guts.

Chloe said...

Love this outfit! The crop top looks so good with the skater skirt.

Kerri Heritage said...

I behind with my reading of blogs but it's so nice to see you're back :) Got to go read a few of your posts now to get up to date :)
Such a cute outfit too!

Hope said...

Ooh la la, love this look! Crop tops are totally all the rage, but there's nothing wrong with wearing something popular as long as you also like it :D