Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Office Space

 Our house is starting to look like people live here! Here's a peek of my office:

Right now it looks a bit different (put together all my storage drawers and an actual office chair) but this is basically the jist of my new work space. Ain't it purdy!

I can't wait to be all productive in this room. My shop is still on vacation mode but I'm still keeping busy preparing for the BUST Craftacular's Primped on Sunday! I still have a ton of things to make for it. I wanted to have most of them done before I was fully moved in but that didn't happen. There's just so much to do!

 One of the new items I'm working on, little venus scout brooches! I'm really into black and white combos lately so I plan on reflecting that in lots of new stock for the shop.

 Wall things! I love this arrangement. I made three of the things up there, but mainly because I think they all have good daily reminders.

Pigeons love hanging out on the window sill in my office and it's adorable. I love themmmm!

Knockin out some accessories and setting them up for some pretty product pictures.

I used my bedroom lamp for a bit, but I have my regular one there now. I still kind of love how the lantern looks here though. But my office lamp would look dumb in my bedroom, haha.

I love my new little pen and pencil holder. Chalkboard paint has such a cool look and feel to it, even if you don't using it to write on with chalk.  
My little reminder from Lois Maffeo. I always keep this in plain sight when I'm working :) 

My little banner! for those that are curious I got mine online at the MoMA store. I took it down already to have it read to pack for my table on Sunday. 

More house pictures soon!



Michelle | CreatureType.com said...

I love your set-up already! Is the desk from Ikea? I really need to switch up my work area. I've never really made it a priority since moving and it's really starting to affect my work schedule. x_x

Izzy McLeod said...

I love the little motivational pictures, such a great idea! And I can't wait for the black and white stuff in the shop <3

The Quirky Queer

Precious said...

What a lovely space!! :)


Caroline Lapointe said...

Pretty pretty work space! Looks very fonctionnal. I like how sunny this room is, it is perfect with all the white desks!



Jenna | KittyCatStevens.com said...

i will 100% be getting a B+W scout brooch-- are you kidding me?! that is amazing. are you into trades? do you want a handmade book brooch?! either way IT WILL BE MINE <3 love the set up-- can't wait to see what else you make in there :)

Danielle Morgan said...

I love love love the new work space! How grand!

Chelsea Louise Haden said...

Now this office makes me want one for myself! I have a little corner in my room living room but this makes it look, well, not the effort that I went to, to make it. lol. I may just invest some time into making mine looking like this.... Thanks for the follow by the way.