Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photo Diary // New Neighborhood

I feel like Hoboken is a bit of a hidden gem...when I told people I was moving there a lot of them would ask why thinking it was just a regular town in NJ, but it's anything but ordinary.
 I took my mom there to show her our place and the town on Monday, and she pretty much said the same thing about it being a hidden little gem of a town. On one of my walks around town I decided to snap a few photos of my area of town. The spring is reeeeeally pretty here.

The old architecture here is really great too. My building is a brownstone, like most of the buildings in this town. So glad we ended up going with the older building as opposed to a new one with no personality. I love walking around and admiring all the different structures.


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Kerri Heritage said...

I love hidden gems :)