Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunspots and Stripes

Full disclosure: that sunspot is not photoshopped and actually in NATURE. Where I was standing was shady but the camera was in the sunlight, so that was most likely the contributing factor. I'm pretty pleased with it, happy accidents are the best.


Top// JC Penny Cardigan// Old Navy Skirt & Bracelet// Betsey Johnson (old) Shoes// TUK Sunglasses// Target


Gawly Gee said...

Love this outfit! Mixing patterns is something I'm usually hesitant about but when I see it on other people I think it looks great!
In the last year, I've felt myself moving further into adulthood. It's slow but it's sort of happening. It's scary and exciting at the same time!

Crissy said...

I love how you mix patterns! ♥ Congrats on reaching your goals!! :D

CuddlyCacti said...

oh cant wait to hear this news! i love the b&w w/ red here. & of course leopard print, which might be my fav print on everyone but myself for some reason. how old are you btw? (you dont have to answer if you dont want to, i was just curious bcuz of the "adult talk" & usually i find other bloggers are younger than i am.)

Kerri Heritage said...

Because i'm behind on reading, I'm just going to say that you the cutest pattern combo's and move on to the exciting post :)