Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vinyl Love

I'm a huge music fan and an avid vinyl collector. If I really, really love an album, other than listening to it on repeat for weeks, I'll also buy the vinyl. And nowadays, if you even buy just the vinyl, you most of the time get a free digital download of the album too. It's quite literally the best of both worlds.

Three of my favorites right now are...

Bleached // Ride Your Heart

This album came out late last Spring (I think?) and it got me suuuper pumped for summer thangs. It's like good classic punk mixed with a surfer laid back vibe. Each track is addicting and catchy. Their sound brings out the bad bitch in my that wears crop tops, red lipstick, and drinks beers on the beach. This album is actually a full year old this month, and I ain't sick of it on repeat yet.

Favorite Track // Searching Through the Past

Neko Case // The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You

I am so in love with Neko Case and how she simply just doesn't fall into a genre of music. That might be the thing I love most about this album--it's like theres a track for every mood. She's just like an indie badass feminist goddess who comes up with the most beautiful poetry that expresses said her baddass-ery. I feel a lot of her songs have an under tone of animal instinct and survival.

 Hands down, my favorite thing about getting the vinyl versions of albums is the artwork. I love how the letters here having a coated outline that is the same color as the background but it has shine to it. This album has the best artwork I've seen in a while. It totally resonates with the album's theme of being a tough lady that slays things and stuff. I love the idea of relating this abstract wilderness aspect to real life situations in her songs.

Favorite Track // It's a tie between "Man" and "Ragtime"

Against Me! // Transgender Dysphoria Blues

OK, in my opinion best album of 2014 so far. And with out a doubt the best Against Me! album yet. Their new rhythm section is so on point, and when I have a soft spot in my heart for their old line up back in like 2004, these new guys are pretty talented. I feel those drum beats in my freakin ribcage when I blast this obnoxiously in my car, especially on the first track. It also goes without saying that Laura Jane Grace is a true heroine on many levels. And also a total babe.

 I'm a huge fan of subversive artwork, especially on albums. The art on this album is subversive with what I'm assuming is filled with intention. If I were to sit down and analyze the symbolic aspect of it, especially the cover, I feel like it's a commentary on the objectification of women's bodies, specifically trans women. It looks like it's saying something about how some bodies aren't seen as valid in how they present themselves. On one hand I can say that peoples bodies are just getting treated like pieces of meat, as in an object, but on the other hand I like to think that the meat imagery might be an idea of gender and gender roles being so socially constructed and that in the end, we're all just meat. Gender can be what you make it for yourself.

Anyway, end tangent.

Favorite Track// I can't pick one. But I can see "Black Me Out" being the song I sing along to the loudest when I see them play live next.

I can't wait to get a shelf for all my records so I can alphabetize them and display all the spines. Soon!



Amber Indoe said...

Laura Jane Grace is one of my biggest heroes. I honestly love her so much and am so inspired by her. Transgender Dysphoria Blue is amazing too im so glad you like Against Me! because I almost never find people who listen to them :(

Fiona Nicholls said...

I think it's great to own favourite albums on vinyl, I recently went to a Fink gig and picked up 'Perfect Darkness' on vinyl- it's such a great album and beautiful artwork- I thoroughly recommend. Just need to buy a record player now! Any recommendations?

Gawly Gee said...

I love the new AM! album as well. That album cover really just hit me, I don't know. I agree what you say about it. I want it tattooed on the inside of my arm. That's where I see it. I like that it's this chunk of meat and it's sort of deteriorating? It just makes me feel something powerful. Black Me Out is an amazing song. The words she chooses to use, you don't hear too many female (or not too many that I know of) say something like, "As if you were my fucking pimp, as if I was your fucking whore". That line is really powerful to me too. I don't know, it's hard for me to put it into words but I'm sure you get it haha. I've never heard of the other two bands but I'm definitely going check them out.

Midge Blitz said...

I TOTALLY get it. That would make such a great tattoo.

Midge Blitz said...

I have a denon, handed down to me from my dad. The ones that come in pretty colors and stuff look cute, but I would always go with function over form in that category. Mine doesn't look as cute, but it works great.

Midge Blitz said...

God, they are so amazing.