Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Kitchen Tour

Hey all! I thought I'd share some favorite things about my kitchen today. It's a bit small, galley style, but has a lot of counter space which I'm happy about. I was never a huge cook/baker/domestic goddess but now that I have my own kitchen it feels like a good time to start with that kinda stuff and broaden my crafty horizons. That room that the doorway leads into is obviously the living room, which I'll be sharing on here soon, once I get my gallery wall up!
First off, I'm glad the place came with cabinets with fixtures and a finish that I like. We saw lots of places with dark wood cabinets, which aren't really my cup of tea. I's like my kitchen to be as bright as possible to make it look a bit bigger and airy. And I love the old fashioned handles, too.
This spot is without a doubt my favorite thing about my kitchen. These shelves were cabinets above the microwave, but the cabinets were kind of hard to open so they were useless (as you see with the handles on the doors, they were pretty much right up against the top of the microwave, making it really hard to open them) So, we took off the doors and painted the shelves! I wanted a little display spot for all my hand painted things from my days at the pottery shop, so this worked out perfectly. I eventually want to renovate the whole kitchen, but that's down the road. So for now, blue shelves will do.

Fridge magnets! Something I'm not used to. I glued some of my instagram pictures to magnetic sheets and the rest are other things that make me smile, like silly dogs and a subway ticket from Paris. And fruit stickers. I don't know why, but I love those things. 
An appropriate piece of art to have by my trusty mr. coffee :) I ain't fancy. 

Mike came home with flowers for me a few days ago, orange ones! I've really been into orange lately, haha. I thrifted those black jars at the shop in town, and I did the dots on both the jars and the vase with some handy dandy paint markers.

And now for some gratuitous flower photos...

Stay tuned for more peeks into my new and pretty home!


Teapots + Geometric Bowl// Handmade Stripper Glasses// Fishs Eddy Tiny Colander// Anthropologie Floral Mug// Thrifted Brewed Awakening Patch// Casey Lee

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Colorful Self

 I've rediscovered the denim mini skirts in my wardrobe. Now I need more! I've been eyeing this one for some time now. I'm trying to introduce more back and white pieces in my look, even though this colorful post doesn't exactly express that, haha.
I've been wearing this jacket every time I leave the house lately. I've had it forever   But its super stretchy and just perfect. I don't know if I'll ever find another jacket like it.

Sorry I'm not my usual barrel of laughs, I'm feeling  it uninspired at the moment, but I'm sure it will pass. Wrote down some DIY ideas for home decor in my idea book today, so I'm excited to get started on those and share them!


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blue + Yellow

Oh hai! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend if you're reading this from the US. I definitely did, we got to use the pool yesterday, which was awesome. I love to swim so much. Then we cooked some burritos for dinner and had some margaritas. 
I've been liking the brick wall here as my background. This is actually our dining room, with the table moved out of the way. Once my proper,  non broken, tripod arrives I'm mustering up the courage to take some outfit NYC sky line photos. I just have to, it's literally right there. 


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Studio Gallery Wall

I've mentioned on here how I already re-did my gallery wall. I've collected some things for my wall since moving and I couldn't stand not using some of them. Also I get bored so easily and I already needed to change things up in my workspace! (I'm saving a lot of pieces for the eventual gallery wall in my living room, I'm waiting to collect more stuff so it can all go up at once)

I printed some of my summery instagram photos to get pumped for the season!

Credits: Girl and Fuck Yeah prints: Two Arms Inc // Girls Girl Girls 4x6: Tuesday Bassen // Pink Riot Grrrl Print // Zmk Press // Ribbon: Adam JK // Red Record: Rookie Tunes (came in the Rookie Yearbook One) // Everything else: handmade, thrifted, or found

Happy weekend!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen Bee

I've had both of these main pieces forever. Both designers are quite different, but sometimes I feel like the same crowd gravitate toward both Fred Perry and Betsey Johnson. They're like the designers for "alternative" folks. I kind of hate saying that term but I lack a better word.

It's quite rainy here in Joisey today, hopefully I can still take my daily walk. I've been doing that lately, its always invigorating and gives me a good opportunity to explore my new hood. I have the most awesome raincoat still in the mail, it's one of those clear ones. It's not supposed to get here til June though, blaaaah. My life, it's hard you guys.

Anyway, our pool opens this weekend! Oh yeah, did I mention out building has a POOL? Summer is well on it's way and I'm becoming part fish. Nothing better than living in a city and being able to take dip on a hot day after running errands. I grew up with an above ground pool in my backyard and it was so awesome (until it got old and began to give out and we had to say bye bye when I it my late teens) So I'm really looking forward to having a pool whenever I want for the summers again. Everytime I see my swimsuit peeking out in my drawer I get so pumped to sit by the pool and listen to Cannonball by the Breeders. YEEEAH!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo Diary // Mid-May

I've acquired quite a bit of photos of my everyday life lately, so I thought I'd share! This post may be kinda random...
Le nose ring! Can't wait for it to heal, I want a hoop!

My classy window set up. My mom treated me to the flowers when she came to visit, it was so sweet. 

My nightstand set up currently. That's an Audrey Horne glass, and it rules.

I took a photo of this awesome smelling candle (I'm already turning into my mom) and this little heart showed up! I love happy accidents like that.
One night on a weekend Mike made Bloody Marys with these skewers packed with food. It ended up being my dinner. Whoopsie.

These two little pigeons always hang out on this air conditioner together. I call them the happy couple. 

Some wall things in my office. I never really had wall calendar before, but I love it. I'm finding it really convenient to have my month at a glance thats not on a screen. 
I loooove my new little devil girl poster. I got it from the renegade craft fair this past weekend, and its by Two Arms. They have some great prints, I have three others by them.
I already changed up the gallery wall in my office, I usually set it up on the floor before hand so I know where things should go. I'm constantly changing things around, I get bored pretty easily. It looks great now, and I'll share soon!


Monday, May 19, 2014

That Grey Skirt Again

Ok, so I've been wearing this skirt non stop lately. it my favorite staple right now. I love something thats comfortable that I can wear anywhere, its not like sweatpants or something. I've had this shirt since high school, I got it in the bargain bin when I thought Urban Outfitters was the tits. I don't think that anymore. I still like this shirt though. It was 10 bucks.

I gave the blog a bit of a make-over, but a subtle one! I finally caught up with the rest of the world and got them social media icons, classed up the color palate and banner a tad, too. And being as these pictures are about a week old you can't see my little makeover I got on myself, which is a nose ring! I wanted one forever and yesterday I was hanging out in Williamsburg and had a glass on wine and went for it. God it hurt. The worst part isn't the actual part where they pierce it, it's when they just let the needle chill in there for a few seconds when the fumble to get the jewelry to put it in. I could just feel this needle impaled into my nostril and resting on my upper lip. OWWWIE.

Anyways, happy Monday everyone!


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Photo Diary // Little Condo Quirks

Our building was built in 1908, which means lots of old and original details that make my heart sing.
 Back when we were house hunting, I would always point out when a place had exposed brick a s a thing I would love. Now we have it in both our dining room and bedroom. This is our dining room, with some flowers my mom bought me.
I love the walls and molding that in our living room. It really is such a nice touch. I think painting this wall with the flowers on it a bright and modern color would look really interesting, but I'm still not sure. It's only on one wall of the living room and I'm wondering if it would looks weird if I painted just that one spot. I'm also really excited about these ledges, I need to think of cool things to display on them. 
Oh, the beloved claw feet of my tub! Needs a paint job, but HEY.
The original doorbell/buzzer/something which no longer is working since things got replaced with intercoms. But I do appreciate that it was left there. 
Tin ceiling in my studio!
Also in my studio, A FREAKIN' DUMBWAITER. Not in working condition of course, it's been painted over so many times and it's pretty much sealed shut. Why don't people use these anymore? I can see it being pretty handy for when I get packages in the mail, haha. Though every time I think of dumbwaiters, I'm reminded of that scene in Harriet the Spy when she gets stuck in one. 
And finally, out mantle/fireplace. It's just decorative, but that's enough for me. I get nervous when I light candles (but I still do, I like nice smells) so I can only see what a nervous wreck I would be if we decided to have a fire.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back to Work

 Sorry things have been a bit dead round these parts...I re-opened my shop on Monday and I've been and order packing machine (and loving it)
My office looks a lot more "worked in" now being as I'm actually,you know, working in it. It's nice to have an actual office chair too! I love the color. It's from target! I love being able to roll across my desk from making buttons to packing envelopes to my computer. I'm so much more productive in this space, it's ridiculous. Just working in a room that doesn't have carpet so I can roll my chair to whatever I need to get is so convenient.
 I read one of those silly chart posts on facebook the other day about being a freelancer, and people's assumptions about being a freelance artist and working from home. It made me happy to see that other people get the same crap that I do when people think you stay in your jammies all day and do work for free like I don't have a mortgage or anything. I'm happy more things like this are popping up to kind nudge folks that don't understand how working from home actually is, and that we're not a bunch of lazy oafs working for "exposure".

I like being able to put on a nice outfit for the day (thanks, style blog!) and now that I live in a nice city I can go out and working in a coffee shop and interact with people and get some fresh air by taking a nice walk around my neighborhood running errands. I love working from home so much. But hey, it's still WORK.

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