Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Kitchen Tour

Hey all! I thought I'd share some favorite things about my kitchen today. It's a bit small, galley style, but has a lot of counter space which I'm happy about. I was never a huge cook/baker/domestic goddess but now that I have my own kitchen it feels like a good time to start with that kinda stuff and broaden my crafty horizons. That room that the doorway leads into is obviously the living room, which I'll be sharing on here soon, once I get my gallery wall up!
First off, I'm glad the place came with cabinets with fixtures and a finish that I like. We saw lots of places with dark wood cabinets, which aren't really my cup of tea. I's like my kitchen to be as bright as possible to make it look a bit bigger and airy. And I love the old fashioned handles, too.
This spot is without a doubt my favorite thing about my kitchen. These shelves were cabinets above the microwave, but the cabinets were kind of hard to open so they were useless (as you see with the handles on the doors, they were pretty much right up against the top of the microwave, making it really hard to open them) So, we took off the doors and painted the shelves! I wanted a little display spot for all my hand painted things from my days at the pottery shop, so this worked out perfectly. I eventually want to renovate the whole kitchen, but that's down the road. So for now, blue shelves will do.

Fridge magnets! Something I'm not used to. I glued some of my instagram pictures to magnetic sheets and the rest are other things that make me smile, like silly dogs and a subway ticket from Paris. And fruit stickers. I don't know why, but I love those things. 
An appropriate piece of art to have by my trusty mr. coffee :) I ain't fancy. 

Mike came home with flowers for me a few days ago, orange ones! I've really been into orange lately, haha. I thrifted those black jars at the shop in town, and I did the dots on both the jars and the vase with some handy dandy paint markers.

And now for some gratuitous flower photos...

Stay tuned for more peeks into my new and pretty home!


Teapots + Geometric Bowl// Handmade Stripper Glasses// Fishs Eddy Tiny Colander// Anthropologie Floral Mug// Thrifted Brewed Awakening Patch// Casey Lee


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That Enid tea pot is the most amazing thing!!!! :-o

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