Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back to Work

 Sorry things have been a bit dead round these parts...I re-opened my shop on Monday and I've been and order packing machine (and loving it)
My office looks a lot more "worked in" now being as I'm actually,you know, working in it. It's nice to have an actual office chair too! I love the color. It's from target! I love being able to roll across my desk from making buttons to packing envelopes to my computer. I'm so much more productive in this space, it's ridiculous. Just working in a room that doesn't have carpet so I can roll my chair to whatever I need to get is so convenient.
 I read one of those silly chart posts on facebook the other day about being a freelancer, and people's assumptions about being a freelance artist and working from home. It made me happy to see that other people get the same crap that I do when people think you stay in your jammies all day and do work for free like I don't have a mortgage or anything. I'm happy more things like this are popping up to kind nudge folks that don't understand how working from home actually is, and that we're not a bunch of lazy oafs working for "exposure".

I like being able to put on a nice outfit for the day (thanks, style blog!) and now that I live in a nice city I can go out and working in a coffee shop and interact with people and get some fresh air by taking a nice walk around my neighborhood running errands. I love working from home so much. But hey, it's still WORK.

Top// F21 (old) Skirt//H&M (also old) Tights// Ricky's Shoes// BCBG

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Sammi Cohen said...

YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Love this outfit, too.

xox Sammi

Midge Blitz said...

Aww thanks Sammi! <3

Kerri Heritage said...

I totally agree, I love my wooden floor so I can wheel my chair around.
I'm terrible for not getting dressed if I work from home instead of going into work, but I guess if I'm at home the whole time, pj's get a little boring.
I love those tights and that shirt is pretty cute too!

Gawly Gee said...

Woo! Love the tights and the office looks awesome! I work in reality tv as a freelance Assistant and Online Editor. Whenever my extended family hears freelance all they hear is "free". They also think that since I work in the television industry, in St. Louis that I'm not doing a real job. They're kind of old fashioned and I'm from a small town so they just don't get it haha.

Midge Blitz said...

Yeah, having an unconventional job is tough explaining to family members. Your job sounds really cool though!

sabrina | hey sabrina fatih said...

You are such a doll. I love what you're wearing!<3