Thursday, May 15, 2014

Photo Diary // Little Condo Quirks

Our building was built in 1908, which means lots of old and original details that make my heart sing.
 Back when we were house hunting, I would always point out when a place had exposed brick a s a thing I would love. Now we have it in both our dining room and bedroom. This is our dining room, with some flowers my mom bought me.
I love the walls and molding that in our living room. It really is such a nice touch. I think painting this wall with the flowers on it a bright and modern color would look really interesting, but I'm still not sure. It's only on one wall of the living room and I'm wondering if it would looks weird if I painted just that one spot. I'm also really excited about these ledges, I need to think of cool things to display on them. 
Oh, the beloved claw feet of my tub! Needs a paint job, but HEY.
The original doorbell/buzzer/something which no longer is working since things got replaced with intercoms. But I do appreciate that it was left there. 
Tin ceiling in my studio!
Also in my studio, A FREAKIN' DUMBWAITER. Not in working condition of course, it's been painted over so many times and it's pretty much sealed shut. Why don't people use these anymore? I can see it being pretty handy for when I get packages in the mail, haha. Though every time I think of dumbwaiters, I'm reminded of that scene in Harriet the Spy when she gets stuck in one. 
And finally, out mantle/fireplace. It's just decorative, but that's enough for me. I get nervous when I light candles (but I still do, I like nice smells) so I can only see what a nervous wreck I would be if we decided to have a fire.



Kailey said...

Your condo looks darling!!

Kerri Heritage said...

I love the ceiling detail in your office. Sometimes artex can look horrible but this is a really nice pattern.
Seriously, feet on the tub! That's cool!

Erica Sunshine Edwards said...

i love the small details in old buildings. especially the exposed brick! it looks like a lovely place overall (:

Jess Buckley said...

ahh your new place is so exciting. Really makes me want to hurry up on my future move!

Rachel Sullivan said...

Your place looks amazing! When I get an apartment, I really want it to have the personality that comes with age and use.


Hope said...

Oooooh so nice. I have always wanted exposed brick and a fireplace too. We have a clawfoot tub and it is super nice. I loved that scene in Harriet the Spy :) Our place is from the late 1800s but quite a bit smaller. If we didn't have so much clutter it would be fun to share pictures.