Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo Diary // Mid-May

I've acquired quite a bit of photos of my everyday life lately, so I thought I'd share! This post may be kinda random...
Le nose ring! Can't wait for it to heal, I want a hoop!

My classy window set up. My mom treated me to the flowers when she came to visit, it was so sweet. 

My nightstand set up currently. That's an Audrey Horne glass, and it rules.

I took a photo of this awesome smelling candle (I'm already turning into my mom) and this little heart showed up! I love happy accidents like that.
One night on a weekend Mike made Bloody Marys with these skewers packed with food. It ended up being my dinner. Whoopsie.

These two little pigeons always hang out on this air conditioner together. I call them the happy couple. 

Some wall things in my office. I never really had wall calendar before, but I love it. I'm finding it really convenient to have my month at a glance thats not on a screen. 
I loooove my new little devil girl poster. I got it from the renegade craft fair this past weekend, and its by Two Arms. They have some great prints, I have three others by them.
I already changed up the gallery wall in my office, I usually set it up on the floor before hand so I know where things should go. I'm constantly changing things around, I get bored pretty easily. It looks great now, and I'll share soon!



Hannah said...

I'm calling sorcery on that heart appearing from your candle. That is way too cool!

Midge Blitz said...

Right?! So weird.

Kerri Heritage said...

OK, the candle thing is weird, but pretty awesome too.
Le nose stud, yes please! I think the ring is going to look super cute.

Also, I love a good game of chess :)

Jenna | said...

"I call them happy couple." YOU ARE THE CUTEST PERSON EVER.

i actually really love this post and i don't think it's random. or maybe it is— i just like it so much i didn't notice!

Midge Blitz said...

Me too! I'm terrible at chess but I still really enjoy it.

Midge Blitz said...

hahaha well, thank you :D