Friday, May 23, 2014

Studio Gallery Wall

I've mentioned on here how I already re-did my gallery wall. I've collected some things for my wall since moving and I couldn't stand not using some of them. Also I get bored so easily and I already needed to change things up in my workspace! (I'm saving a lot of pieces for the eventual gallery wall in my living room, I'm waiting to collect more stuff so it can all go up at once)

I printed some of my summery instagram photos to get pumped for the season!

Credits: Girl and Fuck Yeah prints: Two Arms Inc // Girls Girl Girls 4x6: Tuesday Bassen // Pink Riot Grrrl Print // Zmk Press // Ribbon: Adam JK // Red Record: Rookie Tunes (came in the Rookie Yearbook One) // Everything else: handmade, thrifted, or found

Happy weekend!



Chloe Renee said...

I love this! I really love the creepy little girl with the coffee mug.

Kerri Heritage said...

If my work desk looked like this I might do more work :)