Monday, May 19, 2014

That Grey Skirt Again

Ok, so I've been wearing this skirt non stop lately. it my favorite staple right now. I love something thats comfortable that I can wear anywhere, its not like sweatpants or something. I've had this shirt since high school, I got it in the bargain bin when I thought Urban Outfitters was the tits. I don't think that anymore. I still like this shirt though. It was 10 bucks.

I gave the blog a bit of a make-over, but a subtle one! I finally caught up with the rest of the world and got them social media icons, classed up the color palate and banner a tad, too. And being as these pictures are about a week old you can't see my little makeover I got on myself, which is a nose ring! I wanted one forever and yesterday I was hanging out in Williamsburg and had a glass on wine and went for it. God it hurt. The worst part isn't the actual part where they pierce it, it's when they just let the needle chill in there for a few seconds when the fumble to get the jewelry to put it in. I could just feel this needle impaled into my nostril and resting on my upper lip. OWWWIE.

Anyways, happy Monday everyone!


Top// UO (old) (and by old I mean like a decade old) Skirt// H&M Shoes// Crown Vintage


Brooke said...

I know exactly what you mean, I feel like my nose piercing was the worst one I've gotten! Although, the bellybutton was pretty bad too, haha. Love those shoes, by the way!

kateoriot said...

Ouch! They shouldn't have done that. I have a nose piercing and it was barely painful. Just a pinch and done, really.

Kerri Heritage said...

Ahh, cute! I can't wait to see. I really would like my nostrils pierced, but I think both because I like then to look even.
I have a pair of sweatpants that I've had for over 10years and I just recently had to put the in the bin because all the stitching down the butt came apart haha.

I like the little blog makeover. I should get some of those social media buttons too!

By The Shore, Life & Style said...

I can see why that skirt is a staple for you... it's absolutely lovely and I adore the top & sandals with it. Perfect outfit!! xo