Thursday, June 12, 2014

Living Room Part Two

Here's the other half of my living room tour!
I guess you would call this my "entertainment center". All the sweet equipment I luckily inherited from my dad. Whenever he gets new fancy stereo stuff, I get the hand me downs. It rules.
I'm so proud of the side table we got for 5 dollars. I'm going to paint the legs a cool green color soon! The chair and ottoman are from my parent's house, they no longer has the space for them. I covered them up with a very black lodge-y slip cover and a throw blanket, underneath they're a striped maroon pattern, which doesn't really go with the rest of the room's extreme quirk, haha.

It's funny, cause I said in the last tour post that I never really feel a room is "done" because I'm constantly re-arranging things, because this mantle already looks different by the time I'm posting this picture of it. I moved the aloe plant in the kitchen and added a bunch of books and knick knacks to the top shelf. The bottom one remains, holding Mike's enormous rock collection, which definitely deserves it's own blog post.



Justine said...

It looks so cute and cozy. I also am in love with your mantle. I so badly want to move into an apartment with a fireplace, working or not, I don't care I just want the beautiful mantle and woodwork and architecture of it.

Claire Ann said...

Great style!

Kerri Heritage said...

Super cute. I'm afraid my house is too boring for a room tour ;)