Friday, June 27, 2014


 I call this hair do the "Pebbles/Kathleen Hanna". I also call it "I need a haircut". I think next time I get it cut I'm gonna also have her do something with the color. Blue has been on my radar for some time now, and I think that would look pretty cooool.
Last night I went to a talk by one of my favorite artists Adam JK, which was just the burst of inspiration I needed. Also I got to hang out and drink beer with artist strangers on a rooftop in Dumbo with a great view. It ruled. Did some b-card trades which always makes me feel all professional and like an actual sociable human who can talk about art. I rarely go to social and art events alone, I can get pretty skid-dish and kind of awkward at times, so I was proud of myself for going by myself and doing a somewhat social thing that made me happy and left inspired to make more things.


Romper (worn as top) // H&M Skirt// H&M (similar) Shoes// Kensie  Necklace// I forget.

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