Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's in my Bag // Summer Essentials

Summer's here! Here are some of the things I can be found toting around (or for the bathing suit, wearing. Technicalities. Whatever!)

For the summer I love cheap statement jewelry. I say cheap because chlorine, the sun, and salt water can mess up some jewelry, so I find it's good to not a spend a lot on stuff that may get damaged while splashin' around.
Sunglasses, for obvious reasons, and a goooooood book to get lost in while in a lounge chair. Carsick by John Waters is what I'm reading now, I'm not even half way in and it's already full of doozies. If you're a fan of this guy, you need to read this book immediately. Even if you're not that familiar, it's still one of those books that you could finish in a day, if you had that kind of time.

Also, I always have my metrocard while galavanting around, especially in the long summer days (to quote The Julie ruin, in case you know, you gotta go).
My high waisted mix/matched suit. I got the high waisted bottoms from Modcloth, I don't think they are available right now cause I got them last year, but they are having a 30% off sale on all swim wear right now! They have tons of cute high waisted numbers.

That camera is the camera I use for pretty much all the film photos you see on this blog. The best part about film for me if the surge of memories when you get your rolls developed weeks or months later, which is great to re-live awesome summer memories.


Swimsuit Bottoms// Modcloth (sold out, similar)  Swimsuit Top// Old Navy  Tote// My Shop  Sunglasses// Modcloth  Jewelry// Thrifted


Kerri Heritage said...

I've wanted a film camera for a while, I might look into it in the future, just for fun :)

And, you don't just carry your swimming costume around and just go about your day in the nude... that's what everyone else does. (So I've heard) ;)

Gawly Gee said...

Such fun things in your bag! Haha love that you quoted The Julie Ruin.

Jenn said...

John Waters. <3 I had no idea that book existed until now. I'm really digging those swimsuit bottoms, too.

Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

I love that you're putting my old camaraderie to use!

Aida said...

*screams internally* Yes! Carsick! I love John Waters and I still need to get this book.

Crissy said...

I'll see if I can get that book then! :D Your swimsuit is so cute!

Justine said...

I love the idea of film for summer. Such a great way to cherish the fun things and get a surprise whenever you develop.