Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo Diary// At Home + Around Town

I loooove retro signs like these. Theres tons of them around town. Maybe I'll make a post dedicated to them soon!
 I get a nice view of the Empire State Building on my (almost daily) walk down to the post office to drop of my packages.
 One of the piers by us has movie nights on a big projector (like a drive in theater but not) and they serve drinks have have food trucks and stuff. How cool is this freakin town?! I can't even deal.
 My Blue Q lamp and trinket box. I can't get enough of their stuff.

 I saw this ikea hack herb garden else where on the internet and I had to give it a shot..we cook a lot (and makes lots of minty cocktails) so it's going to come in real handy. It also looks real cool. All you need is a tension rod, these pots from ikea, and the hooks. I got the potted herbs from my local supermarket!
Counter things...I baked whole wheat flour chocolate chip cookies, which was my first time baking cookies from scratch ever and they came out really good. Honestly, I was floored that they came out edible. I was always intimidated by baking because its so precise. Baking fear defeated? Haha.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Riot, Grrrl

Real talk: this is normally a pajama shirt, obviously due to it's size. Buut thought I'd try something different today and try and make an outfit out of it. I like it, and it sure is comfortable, if anything. Also, duh, it's Bikini Kill. Theirs is one of my favorite band logos. Gotta love a good ol' punk shirt to fall back on. It's funny that being this is a Bikini Kill shirt that this look as somewhat inspired by the mini dresses Kathleen Hanna wore recently in the revival of The Julie Ruin. I'm so into that look.

Today I think I might get my morning coffee out at the local coffee shop for a change. Mix up the routine a bit. I find that days where I change my routine slightly always end up better and more productive. Also, I get to sit outside and people watch instead of checking facebook. Thats totally a plus ;)


Shirt// Ebay  Skirt// Betsey Johnson (similar)  Shoes// JuJu Jellies

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grey + Glasses

Putting together outfits with new hair and tattoos is so much fun. Everything just looks different on you, ya know? I can shop my own closet, essentially.

Do you ever change your mind on certain pieces of clothing as time passes? For some reason I never noticed the swingy-ness of the skirt of this dress, and I was always a bit "meh" about it, but now I'm obsessed with the shape of this it. Go figure.

Also, lets talk about how great this button is. If you're tattooed, random strangers love the "what does it mean" question. The only contender with that one is "did that hurt?" (duh, what do you think?!) But the whole "what does it mean" thing can be so intrusive and irritating when I'm just trying to say, go grocery shopping. Obviously when I saw this button I felt so like, un-alone with this sentiment, and I wanna wear it every single day forever.


Dress// Modcloth (old)  Purse// LULU by LuLu Guinness  Shoes// Vans  Best Button Ever// Adam JK  Glasses// c/o Coastal

Friday, July 25, 2014


 Surprise! I'm blue! Obviously only in the literal sense, I couldn't be happier with me new do. I feel like this has been my makeover week or something. I should probably take a break from drastic changes to my appearance for a bit, let these two new things sink in. My tattoo is healing wonderfully, hardly any itching or gross scabs. Hooray!
The cut is slightly asymmetrical, which is subtle and I like it. I can leave it as is, or I can pin back one side and make one big curl in the front. I'l do that next time I'm feeling fancy (jazz hands).

I really like this picture.

Dress// See You Monday  Shoes// Abound  Glasses// Amazon Necklace// Handmade Hair by the amazing Ruby at Fringe Salon in NYC <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photo Diary// Around the House Things

 I realized that I don't think I've ever shared any wide shots of my living room in the tour here are a couple!
 Also, plant friends.

Part of my dining room! Not totally "done" with it yet, but I will share when it is.
 A little "behind the scenes" shot of photographing my newest sticker in the shop.
 Mantle things, and my bookcase in my studio.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Staple Outfit

These are my last outfit photos pre -Ramona! These jeans admittedly have become a major staple for me, as well as a good basic crop top. Though I would rarely wear heels with something like this, so I guess that' my little twist on the look.
I've been obsessed with stuff from Blue Q lately, that's where my purse is from. I've been buying stuff from them non stop lately. My house is a quirky Blue Q palace. I just love seeing other small companies other there like mine succeed that have "attitude" or how ever you wanna put it. It's so great having small businesses like that to look up to, having one myself, one that for sure has the same kind of "attitude" I seriously can't think of the right words right now, I'm only half way through my coffee. Attitude, it is.

Top// H&M  Jeans// Modcloth  Necklace// Handmade  Shoes// Modcloth (similar, in beige)  Bag// Blue Q

Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Ramona!

Here she is!
Over the weekend I got the tattoo I've been planning for waaaay too long. It's Ramona Quimby! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the little illustration of her, it's something I can identify with. That little girl is a badass and doesn't take no crap from anybody. She asks questions and protests and sometimes doesn't bother tying her shoe laces. 
I love how my artist used three different weights for the doily frame around her. I cannot be more pleased with it.

The tattoo was done by Karen Glass at 8 of Swords in Brooklyn!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Beat It, Creep!

 How effing sweet is this shirt?! I love anything that references anything by John Waters, especially if I can wear it. Like my Divine ring! And now this. I also have a Wanda patch that has the same saying on it. But this shirt is from one of the cooolest clothing sites I've landed on in a while. They also have swim suits with booze bottles and switch blades on them, and in allllllll the sizes, which I can always get behind. Be still my heart.
 Sometimes I just have to make stupid faces. It's hard for me not to. I mean how can you not snarl when wearing such a sassy outfit? These shorts have been one of my summer staples for a good couple of years. Anything high waisted is for me, and I love the quirky pattern.

In other news, I get my tattoo that I've been telling myself I would get for like a year now TOMORROW! I can't wait to show you when it's done. Until then, I'm keeping it a secret because I'm weird.


Shirt// Candy Strike  Shorts// Silence and Noise (similar)  Shoes// Modcloth (similar, more summery version)  Necklace// Handmade

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photo Diary // Walk to Jersey City

This might sound pathetic, but I was so happy when I found out there was a Target close by to me. I just really like that place. Anywho, it's actually in Jersey City which is a 30 minute scenic walk from my apartment, filled with awesome NYC skyline views. It's a pretty sweet commute to go somewhere as ordinary as Target.

Of course I had to add some colorful pops around me. This blue and wood and red looks like a giant collage to me. But's just construction by the train.

That's it for now. I'll be updating more regularly more soon, promise! Etsy shop is busy busy busy!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Lost Photos // Paris

Place de la Condorde 

Frida Kahlo Paintings at Musee l'Orangerie that I got in trouble for taking (I didn't see any no photos signs! )
 Protest art by the Pantheon. I think. 
Musee Petit was quite cloudy the whole time I was there and this was one of the few sunny shots I was able to get.
Also, birds.

My dad actually took this last shot here. He borrowed my camera when me and mom when to go window shopping. But ain't it pretty?!