Monday, August 11, 2014

Central Park

Welp, stay-cation is officially over, today I'm back in the office. This was taken last week in central park right by the Met, where we spent the day. I liked the old french genre paintings the best, especially the ones of ladies and their little dogs.

It was totally a successful stay-cation, a good mix of going out and doing things and also hanging around and relaxing not worrying about work. Yesterday we had a belated housewarming party so we also got to see all of out friends. I highly recommend them! I feel all rejuvenated and ready to get back to work.

I thrifted this dress a while ago and this skirt of from way back. The dress is a tad short (by a tad I mean like really short) so I thought and underskirt thats also striped would be a good contrast.

 It was fun going to a part of the city I rarely visit. I normally don't venture above 23rd street. More photos to come in up coming photo diaries!


Dress// Thrifted  Skirt// Betsey Johnson  Bag// Street Level  Shoes// Cliffs by White Mountain (similar) Necklace// Handmade  Sunglasses// Vintage via Mom

Photos by Mike, edits by Midge


Lua said...

I really love the necklace!!! <3

Safiya said...

Ooh I do like the contrasting stripe peeking out :) Glad you had a nice staycation, I haven't gone anywhere abroad this summer but it's been nice to explore my home country more instead.

Laura said...

Staycation- what a great idea. Sometimes going on vacation can actually be more stressful.
I just wanted to say good find with that dress- the material looks really lovely and old- like thick 60s cotton or something? Colours are gorgeous.
Have a great day getting back into the swing of work :)xx

Kailey said...

Your hair looks sooo amazing!

Kerri Heritage said...

Sounds like a nice stay-cation. We normally take a staycation around Christmas time, instead of going back to the UK to spend it with family, best choice we made last Christmas. It was uber peaceful and we could enjoy all the TV, pj's and food that we wanted.

I'm a big fan of wearing something under my dresses and skirts. Usually it's a nice thin pair of shorts. If the dress is too short I tend to wear a skirt over the top instead of underneath. Maybe I should shake some things up.

Jenn said...

A staycation is just what I need right about now. Or rather, in three weeks when my boss comes back from vacation. I love your idea of wearing a contrasting skirt underneath the too-short dress. I probably would have just gone the boring route and wore bike shorts.