Friday, August 15, 2014


I know quite a few folks to don't drink coffee, to whom I salute. I could never do that. Even though I'm drinking some good ol' basic dunkin' here, I much prefer all the indie coffee shops around town, where you can sit for a while and do work, or just people watch. I often do the latter.

These photos were taken on our walk to the Path train to the city to go to the Rubin Museum. On Friday nights they open a bar on the ground floor, and keep the exhibits on the top floors open. I had one really over priced but good cucumber martini thing and I was scared to stand in front of priceless pieces in a such state that one of those will put you in. But hey, it sure was fun! We definitely want to make more trips there as they change the exhibits. It was a blast.


Dress// Vintage  Belt//Thrifted  Shoes// Cliffs by White Mountain (similar)  Glasses// Amazon  Bag// Street Level (similar)

Photos by Mike, edits by Midge


Sammi said...

You are adorable (especially in that last photo of you), and I love this background. I can't have too much coffee because I am really sensitive to caffeine (and my tummy is sensitive in general), and I sort of made a conscious effort to get out of the habit of drinking iced coffee every morning. I'll have it as a treat every now and again, though.

xox Sammi

Kerri Heritage said...

I'm more of a tea person, but I do enjoy a fancy coffee every now and then :)

Rachel Sullivan said...

I loooove these colors with your hair. I'm more of a tea person myself, but I drink coffee more for the taste than the caffeine :)


Lisa Black said...

I really love that background - it's so cool! And your outfit is totally fab ^___^ I have never drunk coffee, but that doesn't excuse me from having a raging caffeine addiction! I'm T1 diabetic so I try to avoid sugary drinks and coke zero seems to be the only one that most places have so ... *shrug*. Weirdly though, I do love the smell of coffee! ^___^

Toni said...

I'm so happy I stumbled across your lovely blog via Instagram. Adore your style and this dress is absolutely perfect. :)

Safiya said...

Oh this is the cutest outfit. Your hair just sets of the whole thing so nicely. At home I drink tea like there is no tomorrow but in a cafe there's nothing I like more than a black americano and people watching.