Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photo Diary// Fancy

This is the ceiling of a local Hoboken bar/restaurant called The Elysian. The food and drinks are honestly pretty basic, but you go for the gorgeous decor. This ceiling is insane. The place is kind of like a portal to Paris, haha.

Bottles, from another bar by us, called The Turtle Club. This place is so old that apparently Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr hung out there. Pre death duel drinking I suppose.

  The small trinkets section of the Met is my favorite. This little perfume bottle is gorgeous.

 And hey, more bottles! Now I feel as if this post has come full circle.

Happy almost weekend, everyone!


1 comment:

Kerri Heritage said...

Bottles always look so photogenic in black and white. Fancy ceilings are a good edition to any place :)