Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo Diary // Leftover Stay-cation Shots

I've mentioned before that I barely hang out above 23rd street. So it was kind of nice and different visiting Central Park, I spot I never frequent. The reservoir was especially pretty.

From the night we went to the Rubin museum with the bar. Fancy martinis make me feel like Carrie Bradshaw.
This might be a lil weird, but I like finding unexpected things like this. I spotted this straw wrapper  on a walk and it formed a perfect letter "R" and I thought it was coooool. 
 Some rats from the museum of natural history. I will forever think these little guys are adorable...
The Lackawanna tower here in Hoboken. It's the town's main train station, and it's super pretty. I especially love the marquee style light up lettering on the sides. 
 Enjoying a homemade margarita by the best window in the house, on our last day of the stay-cation.


Kerri Heritage said...

You have such lovely skyline views! I don't think I've ever seen a real skyline like that. I think I'm adding it to my list. Expected things are so underrated sometimes, that's totally awesome that it makes an 'R' shape.

OrigamiGirl said...

Your views are magnificent. I love taking the time to explore the places where we live. I just bought some books about things to do in London to try and get out more.