Monday, August 4, 2014

Stoop Kid

 Ever see that Hey Arnold episode with Stoop Kid? I feel like most people my age do, but I could be wrong. Anyways, I love our stoop. That sounds weird.

I decided to dust off the ol' flat iron for my hair. I haven't full on straightened it in about 6 months! I really do prefer it wavy/curly, and also because I just put some product in it and let it air dry, which is so super easy. This flat iron process took me about 45 minutes. And a lot of anti frizz products, and my hair getting mad at me for putting it through all that heat. Good to do once in a while, but definitely not every day. I'll happily be a curly q for the rest of my days.

 Ramona is healing up pretty well, it barely itched at all the entire time which I'm happy about, that would drive me nuts. It's just still a bit raised but that should go down soon.

These shoes are new, and they're my idea of "sensible shoes". I own a lot of flats, but those don't really provide much support, and when you do the amount of walking I do, that starts to take a toll. We're officially on our stay cation now, and I need shoes that don't kill my feet. These will do!


Dress// Modcloth (70% off!)  Shoes// Cliffs by White Mountain (similar)  Bag// Urban Expressions Bracelets// Old

Photos by Mike, edits by Midge


Sammi said...

Love how you styled this Nishe dress! I love your hair wavy too (it's always nice to switch it up, though). Stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoooop. Your stoop is so cute though. I have stoop-envy.

xox Sammi

Becky Bedbug said...

You have made my day with the Stoop Kid reference! My dad and I would always watch Hey Arnold in the mornings before school, and Stoop Kid was his favourite episode! (My favourite was the one with the haunted train).

Safiya said...

Haven't kept up to reading my blogs lately so I had no idea you dyed your hair. It looks so nice, I love blue hair. Also the embroidery detail on the dress is such a cute touch :)

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love your stoop too! Super cute. As are you!


Ellie Marie said...

Midge, those boots are so cute and I love your sunglasses. My little sister has a few pairs like that and I wish I could wear them, but I wear glasses so that's a no go for me. And @Becky Bedbug my favorite was also the haunted train episode! So glad you mentioned it, now I feel like watching it for old times' sake.

Kerri Heritage said...

Since cutting my hair I've been too lazy to straighten my hair. I prefer the curls :) Every now and then I'll straighten it, but it's too much effort, takes forever to dry my hair!
My last tattoo was super itchy! It only just stopped about two week ago. It's been years since I've seen Hey Arnold, good times!

Natalie Mulford said...

Super cute outfit! And YES! I remember Stoop Kid, I had kind of forgotten until you mentioned it, I had a total flashback moment!

Lisa Black said...

Ooo, I love that dress! The embroidered gems are just perfect ^___^ I've also been avoiding the ol' straightener (except on my fringe, since my cow lick is just weird looking!) and letting my hair be curly. It's much less effort and I think it's resulting in less split ends too! ^___^

Delores Harshaw said...

The Hey Arnold reference definitely made me smile. I love the way you styled this and your hair looks so gorgeous!