Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photo Diary// Cozy

 I'm working non-stop to get my apparel line finished for this week! Sneak peek coming (hopefully) tomorrow. I haven't photographed any of them yet or drafted any listing details. I need the weather cooperate a bit more for my product photos to look nice and sunny. 
I'm also getting tattooed tomorrow, which was spur of the moment, I had an appointment for December by she had a cancellation and I got a sooner date! Which is better, because as busy as I am now, I'll be 10 times more busy in the height of the holiday shopping season. Busy, busy week! So here's a cozy themed photo diary to make it seem like I'm relaxed.
This candle is from Michaels and it's awesome. It smells like autumn pie. I wasn't expecting it to smell so nice, and it fills my entire apartment! I'm usually a candle snob, but this is a really good cheap one. I bought it mainly for the little chalkboard label that you can draw on yourself. 
Weird art and jewelry hanger in my bedroom, probably my favorite room in the house.

Fun fact: we own a Napoleon and Josephine chess set. I got it for Mike one Christmas a few years a go and a chess shop in the west village.
Here's Todd the pigeon again, this time tying to peek into my bathroom. Pervert.
Last but not least...WINE! Cool /cold weather makes me looove red wine. Out friends got us this bottle, mainly because of the packaging but it was actually pretty good. Also in this photo, the living room wasn't rearranged yet. I put the couch where the TV was and vice versa. Now I have a totally blank wall above my couch but I'm fixing that soon with a collection of mirrors! Will share soon.



Kathy Crowley Belickis said...

Bought same candle.....great scent!

Shawna Miller said...

I'll have to check out that candle and that wine! The candle pic looks super cozy! Love it!

Kerri said...

I can feel the relaxation through the screen ;)
I never really got into candles, I'm not to keen on things smelling, I'd rather just smell nothing haha.