Monday, October 27, 2014

Cool Cat

 Normally, I would find it kinda corny to wear my own stuff like this. My own stuff meaning the t-shirt is from my shop. But I'  just like really proud of my t-shirts and the things I make in general and I like to benefit from the fruits of my labor, ie, wear my own work.
 These are the last photos on my blog you'll see with this backdrop cause my bookcase arrived last week! It take up the entire wall and looks so dang profesh. Can't wait to do a second studio tour, we're definitely due for one here! The room has changed drastically since I first moved in, obviously for the better. I now have storage for everything in my office and being all organized and knowing exactly where everything is totally provides a good peace of mind.


Shirt// Modern Girl Blitz Apparel Striped Shirt// H&M  Skirt// UO (old, similar) Boots// Bass  Watch// Go Jane


Laura R. said...

People shouldn't design clothing they wouldn't wear, so I say go for it!!

cakesandcakesvintage said...

You should be proud of your stuff! I love that shirt, and while I haven't purchased one yet, it's definitely on my list of things I want. I've got a couple of friends that it might make an excellent Christmas present for as well.

Kerri said...

You're totally rocking it though! I'd totally wear my own stuff, if I had skill to make it that is!

Hannah said...

When the gear you make is that cute, you should totally be reppin' it!!